What’s next in 2023 Recruitment for Notre Dame


Never say never in recruiting.

If a player is supposed to sign and then spends the next year away from Notre Dame, that doesn’t mean he won’t end up signing with the Irish. (Hello, Billy Schrauth)

If a player opts out and ends up returning somewhere closer to home, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t go back to their original decision (Hey, Braden Lenzy, Aaron Lynch and Stephon Tuitt)

The unexpected can happen. We know this because it has happened before. The important thing is not to foresee that it will happen like this. It’s fine to aim for the best-case scenario, but make sure to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

With that in mind, Notre Dame must end its recruiting class of 2023 with a lot of uncertainty about who will be in the class. A few months ago, the idea was to add players like Dante Moore‍, Ronan Hanafinand Jason Moore‍ to class while preventing other teams from knocking down elite prospects like Keon Keeleyand Peyton Bowen‍. The best-case scenario didn’t happen with the first three and we’ll see where things go with the other two.

Notre Dame has had far more hits than misses with the class as a whole and the flurry of engagements they’ve had at various times throughout the summer leaves plenty of room for optimism. Now they have to build on that. They still have a chance to finish with great class.

Unless something changes, they seem to be done at the offensive line, linebacker, and short end. Here’s a look at the holes they’ll be looking to fill the rest of the way.

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edge defender

At this point, Notre Dame really has no way of looking at Keeley, but to consider him uncommitted. It doesn’t matter what is said at this point. Maybe he’s backtracking on what made him choose the Irish in the first place, but it would be unrealistic to predict that.

Even before any Keeley drama, the deck was cleared for staff to target peak rushers when Moore picked Ohio State. While Moore is an obvious talent, it’s a better situation for the Irish not to have a glut of similar players in the 2023 and 2024 classes. They could use Vypers more than 3-tech defensive tackles.

They started the process of chasing edge defenders with recent offers to Tennessee’s commitment Caleb Herring‍, Purchase Blakeand Jaeden Moore‍. They are technically still on Samuel M’Pemba‍, but things seem to be playing out in the SEC. They could always try to get involved again with previous targets like Chandavian Bradleyas well.

The top of this class have some very good passing throwers and while they’re not likely to find a one-for-one replacement for Keeley unless they land in M’Pemba there’s always the possibility. that they add two very good defensive players. line.

Competence positions

This is where it could be very interesting. Notre Dame has done a fantastic job at receiver with his three commitments as well as a quality running back prospect and recently added a dynamic speed presence in Dylan Edwards‍. They can add three more to the skill sets, with quarterback being the priority.

Can they gain ground with Pitt commit Kenny Minchey‍? We’ll see if they can get him on campus for a game this fall and anything could go from there. I’m a fan of his game and I think his ranking will continue to rise as the process continues.

If this does not happen, then they will have to consider new offers. Senior films and coaches in the hot seat at some schools could open things up in a month or two.

At the receiver they recently offered Taeshaun Lyons‍, an intriguing player who doesn’t have exceptional running speed, but his game speed is another story with his 30.8 yards per reception as a junior as proof.

The x factor is Jeremiah Love‍, who may not have a set position on offense, but wherever he plays he can be a threat to create a big play with electric speed (4.38 40). I see him as a similar talent to former Notre Dame wide receiver/running back CJ Prosise. There is no indication when he will announce his decision, but the Irish are battling with Texas A&M to land him.

Will Notre Dame offer more receivers or attempt to return an engaged prospect elsewhere? It looks like a safe bet once they arrive in September.

defensive back

It probably depends on the status of Peyton Bowen‍. If he stays in class, Notre Dame is more than likely done at defensive back and that’s pretty much a home run at the position. The likelihood of him sticking seems much more likely than Keeley at the moment.

The Irish could do defensively no matter what, but at least it’s something worth watching going forward.

Notre Dame has some skill position needs to fill in this class and a pretty big hole at the edge of the rusher with up to two added to this position. With home games coming up very soon, we’ll find out soon enough which uncommitted 2023 prospects they’re bringing in to visit.

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