Want to help support ND Baseball?


Hi ND Fans,

As most of you know, ND baseball has been on a roll under Irish head coach Link Jarrett.

Notre Dame lost a heartbreak to eventual 2021 CWS champion Mississippi State last year in their super regional, and recently beat No. 1 team Tennessee this season to qualify for College World. Series! We’re all excited to see the Irish face off on Friday for their third CWS appearance.

Jarrett clearly did an outstanding job in his third year at Notre Dame.

With so much success surrounding the ND Baseball program, many Irish fans have asked me how they can help support ND Baseball.

And what ND baseball and Jarrett really need is financial support from their fans.

A lot of ND fans don’t donate to ND baseball because they don’t think their $20, or $100, or even $1000 will do much good. But it certainly will if enough ND fans donate. No amount is too small, and if enough people donate, it will help bring the ND baseball program to the level where they can compete for a national championship every year, just like they are this year!

The Irish have to travel long distances to play in the ACC, while many other ACC teams can simply travel by bus to most of their conference games. The cost of charter flights is extremely high when you have to carry more than 30 people, which leaves commercial flights, and we know how bad commercial flights have been lately — always late, often canceled. This is not a good situation for young men who also have to go to school the next day.

It’s a frustrating part of being in the ACC, and financially taxing for all ND sports that have to travel like this.

As many fans have asked me, I’ve spoken with people at ND Development about the best way for Irish fans to support ND baseball, and I’ve been told this is the best way to do so .

It is very simple. Click on this link below. Enter the amount you would like to donate, then check the ‘Baseball (Rockne Athletics Fund)’ box. This will be the first option you can choose. It’s a simple click and it will get you where you need to be.


I know Coach Jarrett and the Irish baseball team will greatly appreciate your support.

I would also ask that you please share this story on all of your social media and other websites/social media that follow Notre Dame sports. It is very important to spread the word! The more Irish fans we can reach, the more money we can raise.

Please take the time to donate and share this article with others, and hopefully we can help Link Jarrett and ND baseball be a mainstay in Omaha and light the #1 sign again for Our Lady!


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