Top 2024 QB CJ Carr Details Last Visited Notre Dame


2024 Saline (Mich.) Quarterback CJ Carr‍ had seen Notre Dame several times before Thursday’s visit, but the five-star composite wanted to return to South Bend for a specific reason this week.

Carr wanted to see how practice was going under Notre Dame offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, and he got to see that and more.

“I think it was a big thing that my family and I wanted to see,” Carr told ISD. , attend practice and attend meetings.”

The Michigan native developed a close relationship with Rees and Carr enjoyed seeing a new side to the 29-year-old coach.

“I was able to attend the pre-workout meeting and then we chatted after practice,” Carr said. “I really liked the way he teaches offense and he makes sure the quarterbacks know what they’re doing.

“The energy he brings to training is really different. He’s very energetic and there’s a lot of competition throughout training, which stuck with me.”

Carr left campus feeling that Rees was fully invested in showing him exactly what he wanted to see, which meant a lot.

“He really wanted to show how training at Notre Dame is and what happens on a day-to-day basis,” Carr explained. “I appreciated that he took the time to show us around and let us in on the meetings.”

Head coach Marcus Freeman also spent some quality time with the Saline star as the two got to meet face to face for the first time.

“We spoke to Coach Freeman after practice in his office,” Carr said. “It was great to finally meet him in person. He’s really down to earth and I appreciated that he took the time to talk to me. I really appreciated what Coach Freeman preached. He loves the competition.”

The 6-foot-2, 189-pounder also had the unique experience of seeing the culture Freeman builds around competition before training.

“We walked into the team meeting at the start of the day and he started the meeting off with an Oreo competition,” Carr laughed. “Guys had to put the Oreo on their forehead and try to put it in their mouth.

“That’s something that really struck me because he preaches competition. He wants them to come into the building ready to compete every day.”

Carr will now focus on his job as the season is only four months away.

“We really don’t have anything planned. I don’t know if we’ll go to any more spring training, but from here it’s pretty much getting together with my high school guys to kick off and get ready for the season.”

As for a decision, Carr takes his time, but he also understands what an early commitment can do for his future school.

“I don’t really have a game plan,” Carr said. “I want to find the school that’s right for me and make that decision as quickly as possible to set up the class.”

247: 90 (four stars)
Rivals: 6.0 (four stars)
Compound: 98.60 (five stars)

Offers: Arkansas State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn State, Toledo and Wisconsin

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