Top 10 Weirdest Song Names in Irish Music, RANKED


Good old Irish music! It’s charming, lively and fun to dance to. Did you know that sometimes the most beautiful tunes can have hilarious names? Introducing the ten weirdest song names in Irish music.

In Irish music terms, a “tune” is a song without words, played on traditional Irish instruments, where there is no vocals.

The reels, jigs and hornpipes we know and love have been around for so long we don’t even know who made them.

So if you’re the type of person fascinated by songwriters and their stories, Irish tunes might not be for you.

The only backstory you need to continue here is in the title of the song itself, which can often be weird and random.

However, if it’s a laugh you’re looking for, stay tuned for our list of the ten weirdest song names in Irish music!

10. Climb the stairs – a cheerful jig to get us started

Tripping Up The Stairs is one of the weirdest names in Irish music.
Credit: Pixabay

The analysis of the name of this tune leaves us speechless in front of the score. Surely, wouldn’t it take some talent to fall down the stairs?

It also can’t be comfortable on the knees. There are so many questions left unanswered here.

9. Break the windows – dive straight into the weirdest stuff

Smash the Windows is one of the weirdest names in Irish music.

The name of this tune invites us to imagine how the composer must have felt when he named it. Anger? Excitement? God only knows.

The tune itself is cheerful and sure to put you in a good mood as soon as you hear it.

8. The Flying Wheelchair – a mode of transport of the future?

This song deserves a place in our countdown of the ten weirdest song names in Irish music, because who wouldn’t want to fly around in a wheelchair?

It’s a charming melody that is often a crowd pleaser during traditional sessions.

7. Jerry Beaver’s Hat – the argument starter

Jerry Beaver's Hat is one of the weirdest names in Irish music.

This name may not sound strange to you, but it is known to trigger arguments between musicians.

Many people believe the tune is called “Jerry Beaver’s Hat”, meaning a hat belonging to someone called Jerry Beaver.

Others claim the song is called “Jerry’s Beaver Hat”, suggesting that a poor beaver was turned into a hat simply because a boy named Jerry wanted to have the sweetest style ever.

6. The Clumsy Lover – we all know one!

This song made us laugh out loud! We’re curious why anyone would choose that name for a tune.

Weirdest of all, this track is also referred to as “The Sloppy Kisser”. We can’t decide which name sounds better!

5. Get up old woman and shake yourself – a very long title

You have to be careful with this one.

Wow. This piece must cause misunderstandings between musicians during trad sessions, like this one for example:

“What tune should we play next?”

“Get up old woman and shake yourself.”

“How did you just call me??”

4. Old Witch, You Killed Me – funniest yet

Our main question here is who is this witch and who did she kill?

Does the composer mean “kill” in the literal sense, or is it “you kill me with that funny song name”?

3. The cow that ate the blanket – one of the strangest tune names in Irish music

The Cow That Ate The Blanket is one of the weirdest names in Irish music.
Credit: Pixabay

Why is this a weird track name? Well, not just any cow, but the cow that ate the blanket. This track is also known as “The Cat Who Ate the Candle”.

We wonder if that beaver from weird song number seven also ate something weird before being turned into Jerry’s hat, of course.

2. The hairy-breasted frog – for more animal chaos

The Hairy-Chested Frog is one of the strangest tune names in Irish music.

We didn’t know frogs could have hairy chests, but if it’s in a song name, it must be true!

We would like to know if this frog had a name or if it was nameless like the beaverthe cow and the cat.

1. I buried my wife and danced on her grave – take the top spot on our compilation of the weirdest song names in Irish music

This track tops it all with its dark, twisted, and downright bizarre name. Why? Because we seriously don’t want to know the meaning behind it!

These are our ten weirdest song names in Irish music, but there are hundreds more to make you laugh.

Just ask any traditional musician and they’ll share their favorites with you. It’s sure to be an interesting conversation!


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