Tom Coll from Fontaines DC hosts new Irish music compilation



Fountains DC drummer Tom Coll has announced details of a new Irish music compilation he is curating for release later this year.

The compilation ‘Goitse A Thaisce’ is set to be released via Coll’s Skinty Records on August 6, and sees him channel the sounds of his own heritage after a period of time spent with his family in the West of Ireland.

“The idea for this record came from a long period of time living in my family home in the west of Ireland,” said Coll.

“Here I found myself in the middle of a vast mountainous landscape, a place that vividly reminded me of my childhood memories of old traditional Irish music. This experience created a need to immerse myself again in the tradition. Trad was my first musical love compared to any other, so it’s very rewarding to put this compilation together.

Tom Coll’s compilation will arrive in August (Photo: Press)

He added, “Each song on this record holds a special place in my heart. Whether by longtime heroes such as The Bothy Band or Planxty, family friends like Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh or Emer Mayock, or by contemporary artists pushing the boundaries of tradition like Lisa O’Neill or Ye Vagabonds, these songs have marked my life so far. . “

“If this record can introduce one person to the Irish music world, then it has served its purpose. The tradition has so much depth and richness, and I urge you to immerse yourself in it with an open heart. The title of the record roughly translates to “come here my darling”, that’s the feeling I get when I hear those tunes. Hope they can bring you the same feeling.

You can check out the full track list below.

In front of
1. ‘Martin Wynn’s / The Longford Tinker’ – The Bothy Band
2. “Arthur McBride” – Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
3. “Apples in winter” – Dervish
4. ‘Bacach Shíol Andai – Ye Vagabonds
5. “Farewell to the Whalley Channel” – Sharon Shannon / Mike McGoldrick / Jim Murray / Dezi Donnelly

Side B
1. “Sí Bheag, Sí Mhor – Planxty”
2. ‘Oro, Se Do Bheatha’ Bhaile ‘- Joe Heaney
3. ‘Méiltí Cheann Dubhrann / Cloch Na Ceithre Mhíle’ – Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh & Frankie Kennedy
4. ‘Joihn Doherty’s / Charlie McKernon’s / The Rose of Antrim’ – Emer Mayock
5. “The Factory Girl” – Lisa O’Neill
6. “The farewell drink” – The Dubliners

Meanwhile, Fontaines DC recently confirmed to NME that they were done working on their third album.

Remaining shy about what to expect, frontman Grian Chatten said: “We wouldn’t want to ruin everything for you, you know – or for us.

“The time between when a piece of music is first conceived and when you release it is pretty sacred. It’s really important for us and our relationship with our own creativity not to mess around with that.



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