Three Irish food companies received shutdown orders in May


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Three food businesses in Ireland received shutdown orders for food safety violations during May, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

Two of the affected businesses were in Cork, while one was in Tipperary.

Food businesses have received closure orders for food safety violations, in accordance with the FSAI of 1998 and the EU (Official Food Law Control) regulations of 2020.

A closure order was served under the European Union (Official Food Law Controls) Regulation 2020 on:

  • Kens Oriental Restaurant, 1st Floor, Quintins Way, Pearse Street, Nenagh, Tipperary (published on 05/27/2021
    and lifted on 06/01/2021)

Two closure orders were served under the FSAI Act of 1998:

  • Factory canteen independently operated by KC Catering at ABP Food Group, Kilbrogan, Bandon, Cork (published 05/26/2021 and closed 05/27/2021)
  • Your Stop NR Farranree (retailer), 6 Popam’s Road, Farranree, Cork (published 05/11/2021 and closed 05/14/2021)

Under the FSAI of 1998, a closure order is served when it is considered that there is or is likely to be a serious and immediate danger to public health in or on the premises. ; or when an improvement order is not respected. Closure orders may refer to the immediate closure of all or part of the food premises, or of all or part of its activities.

Under the 2020 EU Regulation (Official Food Law Control), closure orders and prohibition orders are served in cases of non-compliance with food law.

Some of the reasons for the shutdown orders were evidence of rodent activity, including dead rodents under freezers and rodent droppings in containers with material used to prepare food.

Others included falsified food safety records as well as a lack of a food safety management system, increasing the risk of food contamination and posing a risk to food safety.

FSAI Managing Director Dr Pamela Byrne stressed that all food companies must take responsibility and commit to ensuring high standards of food safety and compliance with food law.

“Food inspectors continue to find unacceptable levels of non-compliance with food safety legislation in some food businesses,” she said.

“It is a legal obligation for all food companies to have their premises protected against pests and kept clean. However, time and time again, inspectors see regular incidents of rodent infestations and dirty premises highlighting a disregard for basic food safety management.

“Consumers have a right to safe food and we urge anyone concerned or suspected that unusual activity is demonstrated by a food company to contact us through our online complaint form.”

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