Thread of the game | (11) Notre Dame vs. (3) Texas Tech


(11) Notre Dame (24-10) vs. (3) Texas Tech (26-9)

Date: March 20th

Weather: 7:10 p.m. ET

Or: Arena Viejas | San Diego, California.

TV: TBS | Lisa Byington, Steve Smith, Avery Johnson and Lauren Shehadi

Double: Texas Technology -8.0

WHERE : 132.5

Fast facts

– Notre Dame leads the all-time series 1-0

– This will be Mike Brey’s first time against Texas Tech since joining Notre Dame.

–Freshman Blake Wesley is the first rookie in the nation this season to hit 450 points, 100 rebounds, 75 assists, 50 3FGMs and 40 steals.

– Cormac Ryan is averaging 13.8 points per game since joining the starting lineup on Feb. 9.

–Ryan’s 29 points against Alabama were the most for a Notre Dame player in an NCAA Tournament game under Mike Brey.

–Mike Brey led his team to a 15th NCAA win on Friday against Alabama, tying Digger Phelps for the most NCAA wins in program history.


our Lady

name Points Bounces Aids
Prentiss Hubb 9.0 3.2 4.0
Blake Wesley 14.5 3.6 2.4
Danish Goodwin 13.6 4.6 1.3
Cormac Ryan 9.2 4.8 1.9
Paul Atkinson Jr. 12.8 7.0 1.7

Texas technology

name Points Bounces Aids
Kevin McCullar 9.7 4.7 3.2
Terrence Shannon Jr. 19.8 2.7 2.2
Weapons of Adonis 8.5 4.2 2.7
Kevin Obanor 9.9 5.1 0.5
Bryson Williams 13.9 4.2 1.0


Category our Lady Texas technology
Points 73.1 72.4
Opponent points 75.5 62.0
FG% 46.6% 47.5%
Bounces 33.9 36.4
Aids 14.2 13.8
Blocks 1.9 3.5
Fly 5.3 8.1

Notre Dame will take the stage to try her luck at the Sweet 16 on Sunday evening. The Fighting Irish will face one of America’s hottest teams at Texas Tech, but don’t tell 11th-seeded Notre Dame that they’re the underdogs.

“I don’t know if we think we’re the underdogs,” forward Paul Atkinson Jr. said. “I think we’re just two teams going against each other in March Madness. I think the seeds disappear when you’re in the field. They are just two teams trying to fight, survive and advance.

If you want to talk about career games, Sunday will be one because this group hasn’t played a bigger game. Senior Dane Goodwin is aware of the stakes, but he also knows that it depends on how his team plays, regardless of the opponent.

“We talked about it as a group, I think we can go as far as we want,” Goodwin said. “We came into this game aggressive but humble, and we know there’s a bunch of games ahead of us. But we’re taking it one game at a time. And we have the squad that we have, and we’re happy with who we have and we’re confident, if we go out there and play our game, we can really go as far as we want.

And although it will be the third game since Wednesday, Cormac Ryan doesn’t feel like the Irish have tired legs. it might be the adrenaline, but Notre Dame certainly didn’t show any signs of fatigue in the win over Alabama.

“I think we feel good,” Ryan said. “We had periods during the season where we played three out of five, or five out of eight, whatever, three in a row. We had those periods. I think we are a group of veterans who know how to prepare their bodies, recover in the right way, take care of ourselves. So we will be ready to ride on Sunday.

Texas Tech is athletic, tall, physical and will play defense unlike any other team the Irish have faced this year. The Red Raiders built this year’s squad on defense and Mike Brey knows his team will have to rise to the occasion.

“I’ve watched them over the year,” Brey explained. “You watch them a lot. But I wanted to get out and just peek and see them at eye level. Woohoo, do they have bodies, baby.

“No different than what we’ve dealt with in the Big East all these years – Florida State, Rutgers, those guys. They will come after us, be all over us. It’s a great defensive team. »

It’s not just the athletic traits that grab Brey’s attention, but it’s the little details that Texas Tech has mastered.

“Bodies and their positions,” Brey said. “I was so impressed – you know you’re talking about kids, putting them in a position. You do that at basketball camp. It’s a station at basketball camp. Some guys grow up and come to the university and they can be in one position and they stay on the ground.

“Everybody they play is in a great position. And it’s a big body in a good position, with strength and height and length. And they’re almost jostling to take charge — no , no, I’ll take it; no, no, I’ll take it.

“We are a very good passing team. We’re going to have to rely on moving that ball around to move them around a bit, because if you try to do anything after the third pass, you’re going to hit a chest.

Brey’s team has been through a lot in the past three years and those scars have built them for this moment and maybe more.

“They were beaten,” Brey said. “You think about the timing in your league. When they were freshmen and we were playing them and taking our meds, we had three 1 seeds in our league. As seniors, we didn’t have three 1 seeds in the ACC. Just kidding, I thought I was in a single bid league for a while in February the way they were talking about the ACC. It’s good to see the league playing well in this area.

“But that was, I think, a great motivator because they grew and aged and got better. And they stayed with us and we stayed with them. And that’s how we ran the program. That’s why I’m really happy for the older guys, how they invested and were able to live through this and hang around in this for a while.

Texas Tech Last 5 Notre Dame Last 5
Montana State (97-62) F Alabama (78-64) W
in Kansas (74-65) L Rutgers (89-87/2OT) F
Oklahoma (56-55) W Virginia Tech (87-80) L
Iowa State (72-41) F Pitt (78-54) F
at Oklahoma State (52-51) L at Florida State (74-70) L

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