The Perfect Parody of Irish Music in America by SNL



In recent years you may have noticed an increase in the number of very refined traditional Irish bands and singers aimed at American audiences. It turns out that their target audience noticed them too.

From choreographed sway to a repertoire of perfectly sung songs that hail from the Emerald Isle (or for that matter if they turn out to be popular), these singers are a far cry from the traditional musicians you’ll find in a pub or concert hall. typical Irish.

There is no heavy accent of downtown Dublin or the lit Corkonian air. Instead, it’s somewhere between Irish and American, with a hint of brogue only when they require a ‘whoop’ from the audience.

No more ordinary clothes. Here we have Disney princess style dresses and long hair which is kind of shinier than the dresses.

Nonetheless, they are popular in the United States, playing in big venues and selling an astonishing amount of albums in the Irish-American market. They haven’t gone unnoticed however, and the comics of Saturday Night Live are the last to have designated them for satire.

At week-end, The Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor-Joy joined SNL cast members Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant in donning their most reflective green guns to sing fabricated twee on stage and it became a treat.

Completed by ponytailed men wearing bodhrán and wearing sleeveless tops and an audience filled with adoring fans wearing green-tinted glasses, the Celtic Woman quartet has hit the nail on the head.

The Lion King for Karens “is how the voiceover described the experience and one audience member said,” It seemed to me that they had sung the same song 20 times. ”

The real band Celtic Woman loved the skit. Chloe Agnew said she “couldn’t stop laughing” after watching him while violinist Mairead Nesbitt said she “screamed with laughter” at her. Tara McNeill added that it was “hilarious”.

One truly impressive feat in the skit has to be Taylor-Joy’s compelling Irish accent. The people involved in Wild mountain thyme should take notes.



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