The Best Irish Food at Disney World


The range of dishes available to try at Walt Disney World is truly amazing. Tasting international cuisine is a fun activity for foodies, and what better place to embark on the adventure than on vacation? Obviously, Walt Disney World has delicious Italian, Japanese, and Mexican cuisine, but you can also find less common types of cuisine to sample.

Today we eat food from the land of clovers, leprechauns, hills and beautiful coastlines. Ireland! Irish cuisine is known for its comfort food staples like cottage pie, strong ales like Guinness, and delicious seafood like oysters harvested off the coast. You don’t have to travel to Ireland to enjoy Irish cuisine, you can enjoy delicious meals right at Walt Disney World Resort. This is no ordinary theme park food, folks. Here are some of the best dining options for Irish cuisine at Disney World.

fish and chips

Credit: Disney

When you think of Irish food, you probably think of Fish and Chips. We don’t blame you, the perfectly fried flaky white fish in a beer batter batter and doused in malt vinegar is hard to beat. Accompanied by crispy and fresh fries (French fries), it is absolutely a “heavy” dish, but gosh, it is delicious. There are several great places where you can sample this dish on holiday, but we highly recommend trying the Fish and Chips at Cookes of Dublin. The Fish and Chips on this dive cost $14.99 and make a great lunch to enjoy during a day of shopping.

Credit: Disney Dining

Located at The Landing in Disney Springs, Cookes of Dublin is an authentic Irish pub that brings the flavor and culture of Dublin, Ireland to Orlando, Florida. Owned by John Cooke and Paul Nolan, this restaurant has been incredibly popular in Disney Springs since it opened. This menu is full of hearty and delicious dishes like Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip, a creamy, full-bodied side that goes perfectly with a cheeseburger. At just $5.50, it’s an affordable and delicious little bite.

Pork lovers should consider trying the Hog in a Box. At just $14.99, this combo features a succulent slow-roasted pork shoulder with baby potatoes, sage and sweet onion stuffing, caramelized onions and applesauce. Not only is this starter great value, but it’s also incredibly delicious.

If you’re looking to eat a burger, consider trying the BBQ Dream Burger with Jameson Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce, the Dubliner Burger slathered in delicious garlic mayonnaise, or the Cookes Classic Battered Burger.

Chinese dough

Chinese dough


Shepherd’s pie made from lamb – or cottage pie made from beef – is a staple dish in the UK. Made with ground beef or ground lamb as the base and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes, vegetables and sometimes topped with melted cheese, this is a truly hearty and delicious dish. Shepherd’s pie can be found on several menus at the Walt Disney World Resort, but my favorite place to enjoy this dish is the Rose & Crown Dining Room at EPCOT.

Located in the UK pavilion in the EPCOT World Showcase, the Rose & Crown Dining Room offers an authentic pub atmosphere with delicious food and drink right in the grounds. There are so many delicious options on this menu, but shepherd’s pie is always my go-to. Nothing beats such a warm and delicious dish on a winter evening at EPCOT.

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Bangers and mash


Credit: Disney

It doesn’t get much more traditionally Irish than Bangers and Mash. Basically sausages and mashed potatoes, Bangers and Mash is a typical pub food enjoyed in Ireland and other parts of the UK. The origin of sausages in the UK is said to date back to the Roman invasion of the islands, when the Romans brought with them the tasty art of sausage making.

Serving sausages with boiled or mashed potatoes was popularized in the 1800s. From then on it was game for Bangers and Mash, with the Irish often serving them drizzled with a savory brown sauce and with a side cooked cabbage.

You can enjoy a Bangers and Mash entree at the Rose Sand Crown Dining Room at EPCOT for $22. If you are dining with a larger group, order different staples from the menu and share them so you can taste more food. Pair this dish with a craft beer or Irish whiskey for a delicious dinner. You never know, you just might find a new favourite!


Credit: Disney

Sticky Caramel Pudding

Sticky Caramel Pudding

Credit: Disney

Pudding is a popular traditional dessert in the UK. Rose and Crown Dining Room pulls off this dessert, so don’t miss it. Sticky Toffee Pudding is the perfect sweet ending to a meal at this EPCOT staple.

At $9, this dessert features a steamed cake served with warm, silky vanilla custard and a warm buttery rum sauce. Even if you’re not sure whether to indulge in a dessert, we recommend ordering one to share with your dining companions. It’s too delicious to miss! Fun fact: This steamed cake is considered a pudding, but ‘pudding’ is a term used interchangeably for a dessert in the UK.

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Chicken pie to try

Raglan Road

Credit: Disney

Savory pies are another staple of many menus in the UK. If tasting a savory pie is on your must-do list, head to the Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant in Disney Springs. Located at The Landing in Disney Springs, this Irish pub is perfectly themed and always full of action. Visit this place to enjoy live music and traditional Irish dance performances.

The menu is full of delicious Irish food options, as well as more American favorites like burgers and chicken. You can’t make a bad selection, but we suggest trying the Chicken Pie Do Try. This pie features savory chicken, wild mushrooms and leeks in a white wine cream sauce. The filling is wrapped in buttery puff pastry and served with mashed potatoes and sticky glazed carrots.

Raglan Road Irish pub and restaurant at night

Credit: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Talk about a filling and delicious meal, this savory pie hits the mark! Other delicious honorable mentions on this menu include Pull the Boxty, Scallop Forest, and Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding. Pull the Boxty is a great starter featuring crisp Irish potato cake, pulled ham hock, and caramelized red onions smothered in a Dubliner cheese sauce. Seafood lovers should consider the scallop forest, a sharing entrée of sea scallops from Georges Bank breaded and served with a citrus-lime dip and sweet chili jam.

For dessert, splurge on an order of Ger’s Bread and Butter. This bread pudding is a sweet and savory end to a meal you won’t want to miss. Pair any of these menu offerings with a pint of Guinness and you’re good to go!


Credit: Disney Dining

To try smaller plates of Irish cuisine, consider visiting EPCOT during the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival and stop by the Irish Festival Booth. The restaurants at Walt Disney World are amazing and they offer Irish cuisine in a big way. No doubt you’ll feel Irish luck when you dine at one of these delicious Irish restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort.

We hope you enjoy the best Irish cuisine in Disney World!


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