Spring Ball Preview | Return


The torch has been passed this spring at running back in multiple ways for Notre Dame. Lance Taylor moved on and was replaced by the highly respected Deland McCullough. Kyren Williams also left and the process to replace him has already begun at the Fiesta Bowl.

This was when Chris Tyree got his first start and although he didn’t have a heavy workload as a runner, he made a significant impact as a receiving threat by finishing with over 100 yards in the game.

It was an important game for Tyree after the second half of the season saw him struggling with a painful turf toe injury that held him back or limited his shots. The best health he had all season was when the offensive line was disorganized and there were no holes to get through.

Blocking will be much better this spring and being fully healthy should allow him to move on to see if he can grab the RB1 spot this season. Everyone knows he has an explosive ability, but he has to establish the consistency of Kyren Williams’ level every race.

He will have to face Logan Diggs who shone spectacularly last summer and proved he was ready to be featured more when carried as a freshman. His patience, balance and ability to make yards after contact helped make him a factor as a runner. It was only on 52 carries, but his average for yards after contact was 3.31, which matched Williams’ 2020 average.

These traits are also why it wouldn’t be surprising if he emerged as a leader this spring. He’s a confident young man and maybe we’ll see more runs like the one where he beat a defender against Virginia. He did the same kind of things in high school too.

Audric Estime has only played a limited number of snaps, but the buzz around him this summer and what he showed in his six runs against Georgia Tech has Notre Dame fans excited. He’s definitely a candidate to have a breakout spring and a three-headed monster at running back could be a possibility this season if Estime surges.

What can we expect from C’Bo Flemister this spring? I think many expected him to explore the transfer portal after a season where he got injured to end it and was in the coaching niche to start it.

He won fans with his running style during the 2020 season and proved he was capable of providing quality contributions in all aspects as a back, but he will need a great spring to come back. in the mix.

Having a new position coach will at least give him a chance to make another first impression.

The first registered Jadarian Price finds himself in a situation where the competition is tough in front of him, but his talent could be enough for him to enter the chat. He had a prolific senior season where he showed he could consistently produce explosive runs.

Doing the little things will matter as he evolves as a player, but if he can turn heads with some big runs this spring then maybe he can force the issue and get on the pitch. this autumn.


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