Notre Dame RB Jadarian’s price rises while impressing


Enrolling early has many amazing benefits, but it’s also one of the toughest jobs a college football player can undertake.

Student-athletes go from senior in high school to embarking on college life on and off the court in a month.

It’s a tough adjustment, but where the rewards come down the line.

Notre Dame freshman running back Jadarian Price is learning on the fly when he arrives in South Bend in January.

“One big thing I will highlight is the weather,” the Texas native laughed. “Arriving in the middle of dead winter was a challenge.

“But the transition has been interesting and fun. I’m glad I did it, to have arrived early as the first registrant. So it was a fun experience.”

Price wanted to sign up early to get a jump on his academics and the Irish playbook.

The 5-foot-10, 195-pounder has nearly three months of lessons under his belt and is now getting used to the speed of college football.

“Guys are faster, stronger,” Price said. “I’m getting faster and stronger myself. But obviously it takes time to get used to the game. Another thing is pass protection. It’s a part of my game that I think I have to work.”

Running backs coach Deland McCullough was very impressed with Price because he did what was expected, if not a little more.

“I’m very high on him,” McCullough explained. “I remember talking to JD a little before spring break and challenging him to keep gaining weight and accepting the small details of football. I always remind him every time we Let’s go over there it’s major college football. He ain’t in high school anymore and that’s for real.

“He came back after spring break – he had gained weight. I was really impressed with his strength, his brilliance and his demeanor. He’s tougher than his body can look like. He now weighs close to 195 pounds.

“After the first football school we did, I told all the coaches this guy was legit. To keep up with the other guys we have, that’s something that really got me excited.”

Price admitted that workouts and practices were a big step, but he also credited his coach, C4Sports’ Sean Cooper, for grooming him to be ready for life at Notre Dame.

“There’s not much you can do to prepare for Notre Dame football and the work we do here,” Price said. “Coop did a great job putting me in situations, stretching my legs and allowing me to make quick decisions.

“I feel like it’s really developed and allowed me to become a quick back and be able to watch the defense and adapt to the speed of the game.”

Notre Dame running backs also made Price’s transition easier as Chris Tyree, Logan Diggs and Audric Estime welcomed him with open arms.

“Relationally, they’ve done a great job integrating me into the running backs family since the summer when Chris was my host and then in December for my other visit when Audric was my host,” said Price. . “They did a great job and I definitely felt comfortable with them.”

And while he can adapt, Price is also learning confidence, which could be scary for opponents.

“Confidence is a huge thing,” Price said. “You have to have that, especially as a first-timer. Just huge confidence.”

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