Notre Dame CB Board Review 2023


It’s a bit ironic that Notre Dame just offered a 2023 cornerback with the last name ‘Hunt’ because that’s what the Irish coaches are going to have to do at the position during the May assessment period. They’re going to have to seek out more prospects for the position and expand the board.

This may mean adding new names. This may mean revisiting old ones. Regardless of who it is, they need more options to fill a needed position in that class. There are a few names worth knowing that Notre Dame fans already know.

At the top of this list is Christian Gray‍. A longtime player with the potential to excel in media coverage, Gray has good instincts and would be a perfect fit on the frontier. He has been to Notre Dame several times and he would be an essential piece of the recruiting puzzle if he ended up in the class.


There is also Micah Bell‍ from Houston, who put up elite track times this offseason. This speed appears on film where he displays an electric ability with the ball in his hands in attack. Size is probably the biggest question mark for him, but with his athleticism and ability to find the football, he would be another great player to add to the secondary.


One of the most interesting prospects that has been targeted by Notre Dame is Micah teasing‍. He’s someone who could legitimately play either side of the ball in college and his squad is probably more impressive on offense. He checks all the boxes as an athlete, but one of the reasons to love him on defense is his physique. He embraces this part of the game as a tackler.


The most recent offer is the commitment from Texas Tech Calvin Simpson Hunt‍. He is sticky in the press and can play the ball in phase. The other prospects come across as a bit more athletic in my opinion, but he has legit track speed (10.67 100m).


What do all these players have in common? They all have the skills to excel in men’s coverage. If we’re looking for an indicator of what Notre Dame might offer next, it’d be safe to assume this is going to be a must on their checklist.

We will see soon enough which players will join this group, but the margin of error is quite slim for Notre Dame unless they offer more corners. The program is building an elite front seven in recruiting and they have two outstanding safeties hired in the 2023 class. They’re missing the corner pieces and that’s what can make this defensive class really special.


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