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Former college football head coach Ed Orgeron and his sons attended Notre Dame practice on Tuesday morning as they spent the week on campus observing the inner workings of the Fighting Irish program.

Orgeron spoke briefly after Tuesday’s practice with Notre Dame media.

On why he made the trip to Notre Dame:
“I really, really respect him. I wanted to come here and I have three sons who coach. I wanted to show them what Notre Dame was and be there. It was the first time I came and enjoyed the campus.

“I tell you what, come into this stadium to fight and have good memories – yesterday when we went to the stadium to see the dressing rooms, we went to the right, I usually go to the left.

“I love being here. I wanted to see Marcus and his team and bring my sons here. We’ve been here all week and we’re going to have a great time. It’s fun to be here.”

On practice impressions:
“Outstanding practice. I walked down the hall and heard an offensive line coach picking on it early in the morning. I like that.

“To be able to see the physique they have here, I think Marcus is going to bring a terrific program here. They already have great players and he’s a terrific recruiter. I think the sky is the limit for him.”

On whether he felt like coaching while watching practice:
“Yeah, I did. When they did exercises, I held back. I’m enjoying the gap year. I needed to do that.”

When he would like to resume coaching:
“I don’t know. It all depends. I’m not going to coach this year, that’s for sure. I’m keeping my options open. Right now I’m enjoying what I’m doing.”

On what he saw in Marcus Freeman when he wanted him at LSU:
“First of all, I watched his defenses play in Cincinnati, phenomenal; the energy, the way they chased him, the way he had energy on the sidelines. It’s just the way which I liked to train him.

“When I met him he just had something about him, the character, the class, you could tell he’s going to be a championship coach. I think he’s got it all. to be a great coach.”

On his expectations for Notre Dame in 2022:
“I don’t know them very well. I know the expectation is one goal and one goal only, I guess. I can’t speak for them, but that’s what I spoke to the team – the level of performance has been very high. What I saw there, I saw a very good football team.

On his advice to Marcus Freeman as a first-time head coach:
“Don’t try to do everything. I tried to do everything at Ole Miss, you can’t do it. Hire good staff, believe in them and let them, let the players know that you really care about them. Attack, defence, special teams are close to all of them and I see them doing that.”

On the call when Marcus turned down LSU:
“I think it was tough. I think he loved LSU. I think it was a family decision to stay here. He has six kids and a beautiful wife and moving them down South is tough.

“Notre Dame is a great school. It seems like he made the right decision for me.”

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