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Almost all offensive line commitments under Harry Hiestand meet a certain size criterion, which is one of the reasons the lines he coached were filled with future NFL players. Notre Dame O-line’s most recent engagement, Sullivan Abcher‍, certainly ticks all the boxes. He has an NFL frame and is probably closer to 300 pounds currently than the 275 we listed him at.

It’s this size and the way he can move that makes him an attractive prospect.

Height: 6’7″

Lester: 275

Projected position: Offensive tackle

DSI class: 90 (4 stars)

National average score: 90.3 (4 stars)

What it does best:

Like a vegetarian who survives by eating tofu, Absher never seems completely satisfied by simply making his block. He has a desire to put his man in the ground as much as possible.


Even when he finishes off a player, he will go for more work. Perhaps nothing excites an offensive line coach more than seeing this.


He moves incredibly well for his size. He has good knee bend and has no trouble getting up to the second rung to get linebackers.


What it needs to improve:

It is obvious that he is playing in an attack that does not allow him to improve in pass protection. His high school runs the Veer, so he has his fingers dug into the ground, leaning forward, ready to block someone’s snot with every snap.

He’s been working with a private O-line coach to improve in that area of ​​his game, so he’s not going to come to Notre Dame without taking the time to improve. He also has the kind of length and athleticism that suggests he can become a very good player in pass protection.

What is its ceiling?

Watching the way he can get under the pads of smaller players, the way he moves and his frame reminds me a lot of Mike McGlinchey in high school. Which is why, despite the unknowns about Absher as a pass blocker, it’s such an intriguing prospect.

It’s going to take time, but he has the tools to be a quality starter for Notre Dame and those guys usually end up getting drafted.

Who could it be:

Mike McGlinchey, former Notre Dame offensive tackle


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