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No one is afraid to lose Sedrick Irvin Jr.‍ of Notre Dame class and a big reason they knew the Irish were in a good position to land back Jayden Limar‍. He formalized it by committing against the Irish tonight.

There’s a lot to love about Limar’s game and it doesn’t hurt that his skill set is so similar to the best full-back the Irish have had in the previous decade. It’s a fantastic addition to the class and a great win for running backs coach Deland McCullough.

Height: 5’11”

Lester: 190

Projected position: Come back

DSI class: 90 (4 stars)

National average score: 90.2 (4 stars)

What it does best:

Limar isn’t the biggest fullback, but you couldn’t tell by the way he runs. He can be physical and end up like he does here. He has the ability to be a tackle breaker.

His ability to explode laterally and get up the court quickly is impressive. This race is special. It’s not just the cuts, but the anticipation of making that first and then the second cut. The first cantilever defender who breaks his ankle could be a meme. It’s so dirty.

He is a very gifted receiver. He is going to be a weapon in this part of the game and his ball skills are exceptional for a running back.

What it needs to improve:

Its verified test numbers (4.58 40) are good and some other unverified numbers I’ve seen are even better, but to me it doesn’t completely match what I see on film. He’s a really good athlete, but I don’t know if he has the speed to be a real home run hitter.

Maybe it shows more as a senior.

How much bigger can it get? Kyren Williams has proven that you don’t have to be a monster to be an RB1, but figuring out what’s optimal for his game will be important. Williams got too big too quickly and then found his sweet spot when he lost weight. It could be the same kind of thing for Limar at Notre Dame.

What is its ceiling?

You’ve probably heard me and others frequently compare him to Williams and that’s because it’s impossible to watch him without seeing the similarities.

I was a big fan of Williams as a prospect when he signed up for Notre Dame, but I have to admit he broke the ceiling of the player I thought he would be for the Irish. That’s what makes Limar so intriguing. Can he be everything Williams was? It’s possible.

At the very least, he can be a fullback with the versatility to threaten as a runner and receiver. It will be hard to match Williams’ tenacity and grit as a runner, but Limar could have even more upside as a receiver.

Who could it be:

Former Notre Dame running back Kyren Williams


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