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Notre Dame landed its big tight end Y online in 2023 in Cooper Flanagan‍. It made sense to follow it up with another kind of tight end in 2024 and that’s exactly what they did with a new commit Jack Larsen‍.

He’s an extremely talented receiver and way more than a 4-star talent. He is also the right person Our Lady needed.

Height: 6’3″

Lester: 220

Projected position: tight end

DSI class: 91 (4 stars)

National average score: 90.0 (4 stars)

What it does best:

He is a natural hand catcher with exceptional ball skills. Whether it’s contesting or balls he has to reach like this, he can make it look hard to look easy.


They say the best dunkers in basketball are the ones who can end up on bad passes. It’s not that different for receivers and tight ends in football. Those who can bring bad throws are unique and he adapts terribly to balls that aren’t thrown in the perfect spot.


He has enough speed to be a threat in the seam and I see him as an athletic game problem for most inside linebackers.


Seeing him in person at Irish Invasion highlighted just how special he can be as a road runner. He has the short zone quickness needed to succeed, but his feet in and out of his breaks are exceptional for someone his size.


What it needs to improve:

I mentioned after Invasion that he wouldn’t be the first to get off the bus yet. He has time to work, but he will need a lot of physical development before and when he gets to college.

He’s a willful blocker, but I hope to see a better player in that area of ​​the game in the next two years. Getting bigger and stronger will obviously play a big part in this.

I would like to see him move a little more after the capture.

What is its ceiling?

I see someone who has the potential to be a top H-back in Notre Dame who can line up and create mismatches in different lineups. There are a lot of similarities to him and current Notre Dame tight end Cane Berrong, but Larsen is a bit further ahead than Berrong as a rising junior.

It’s yet another tight commitment from Notre Dame with NFL potential. Mousse. Rinse. Repeat.

Who could it be:

Former Alabama tight end Irv Smith Jr. (thus potentially like former Notre Dame tight end Irv Smith Sr.)

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