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There aren’t many Midwestern players with the potential to be true number one receivers, which is why it’s so important for Notre Dame to be in the mix for them when there is one. Not only are the Irish in the game, but they have just landed an early commitment from cam williams‍, who has all the traits necessary to become one of college football’s top targets.

Height: 6’2″

Lester: 175

Projected position: wide receiver

DSI class: 93 (4 stars)

National average score: 92.3 (4 stars)

What it does best:

Seeing Williams in film and in person at Irish Invasion, he can run flat out. He has the speed to be a vertical threat and run through defenders.

He showed great potential after the catch with that speed on that particular play, but also isn’t afraid of contact and will drive through it to gain extra yards.

What I always like to see from a taller receiver is the footwork and bursting qualities of the little guys. Williams burst from his breaks to separate from the defenders.

He adapts terribly to the deep ball and follows it well. He displays strong hands and has good body control.

What it needs to improve:

He needs to be more consistent with his background and the details of each rep. It’s something Chansi Stuckey was helping him with in Invasion and Wiliams was actively looking for ways to be better.

What is its ceiling?

I think he can play several places for the Irish, but I see him as a great option on the border. The player he reminds me of is former Notre Dame wide receiver Kevin Austin, which may give some fans pause, but anyone who’s seen the pinnacle of what Austin could do should know what I’m referring to.

The ability to play big, go deep, and still have the ability to do damage after the catch is rare. At his best, he was the player Austin was for the Irish.

Other factors did not allow him to be that player any longer. As long as nothing like that holds Williams back, that’s the kind of impact I could see him having.

Who could it be:

Former Notre Dame wide receiver Kevin Austin


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