Movie Don’t Lie | Braylon James


Notre Dame’s Class of 2023 took charge on the defensive side of the ball. They have some top notch commitments in attack, but to say the Irish fans have been waiting for the attack to catch up would be an understatement.

They can catch up a little faster now that they have a receiver running 4.47 in the crease.

Braylon James‍ is the first receiver on the Irish roster in 2023 and that’s a damn good one. Explosive plays are everything on offense in college football and he has the potential to produce them at Notre Dame.

Height: 6’2″

Mass: 180

Projected position: Wide Receiver

DSI class: 92 (4 stars)

National average score: 93.4 (4 stars)

What it does best:

You see it in the return game and you see it at the receiver. He can run fast.

James has the ability to get the upper hand on defense. It didn’t matter that the corner was playing bail or that security was supposed to be there to help on top. James ran right past them.

It has a very impressive grip radius. He recently recorded a 38-inch vertical in camp and that kind of jumping ability shows on film. He attacks the ball in the air and takes it away from the corner.

Ball skills are great, but body control is just as good. He displays good awareness of the sideline and adjusts accordingly. There are several catches he made in sophomore and junior that look like this one where he knows when to put his feet down.

What it needs to improve:

He’s not always sudden as a road runner. There is a polish that needs to be added to this part of his game, however, he does a good job of adapting to the quarterback.

He is thin and needs more strength. He can be a threat after the catch with his speed, but to be more of a guy who can shake off tackles often, he will need to get stronger.

What is its ceiling?

James has the potential to be a big threat to the Irish. A multi-sport athlete who also plays basketball and runs on the track, there is plenty of room to grow with his game and the athletic traits are already very exciting.

His speed could allow him to see the field early for Notre Dame. I see him projecting to the X for the Irish with the potential to play the border as well.

Who could it be:

Tyquan Thornton, former Baylor catcher



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