Mike Brey Notebook | Post-Virginia Tech


Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey speaks after the ACC tournament loss to Virginia Tech.

On the loss:
“We dug ourselves a hell of a hole. You have to give Virginia Tech credit. I’m very impressed with them. They’ve been a tough game for us lately. These two great guys just set an amazing tone and play well. together.

“In the second half, we found the rhythm a little better, but we couldn’t defend well enough against a really gifted attacking team.”

On Virginia Tech shooting over 50% against Notre Dame in both games this year:
“If you help their shooters and you give up double-digit threes, then I don’t think you have a chance. We, at least I thought, had a chance because they only made seven threes. These two are just kind of mind breaking when they’re in this deep. I’ve never seen two great guys go as well as they do.

“You’re going to have to score. We scored 80. We turned too much in the first half. We kicked. We’re usually pretty good with the ball. You’re going to have to outclass them a bit. You don’t don’t just go shut them in. We scored 80, but they were too effective.

On slow start:
“I don’t know. I thought their defense had something to do with it. They’re very physical defensively and they take a lot of things off and then you put your head down and drive. I thought some of our drives were forced. L “The other thing is we’ve had a few layups. We’ve missed a few layups even after hard workouts deflating. Now you’re in a hole. Against them it’s too deep to get out.”

On the change in starting roster and Dane Goodwin coming off the bench:
“We just thought with their two big guys, can we get a little more size when they start to fall back? We didn’t really want to come out shooters and help. As you saw in the second half, it It’s tough when Dane guards a big one that’s just going to back off.

“It felt like we were trying something different. Obviously that experience wasn’t great and I’m responsible for that one. I don’t know who will start next week, but we have time to understand that.”

Failing to overcome the bump in the second half:
“I thought we were in quite an attacking rhythm. We drove it over. We went a little further in our motion. We just couldn’t put together enough saves in a row. It was a difficult obstacle to overcome. »

On defending Virginia Tech:
“Mutts is almost a one-man show. He turns on the guards and it’s really hard to get past him. He really is an incredible individual and collective defender. Completely impressed with him.

“Give credit to Mike Young and this team. They were 2-7 in the league. It still blows my mind that they were 2-7 in the league, but the run they made, I think they’re an NCAA team tournament.They are really good.

Message to the team moving forward:
“I had them come to my house on Sunday evening. We will see what our fate is. I’m glad we’re moving forward. I think we’re in pretty good shape. I guess we will find out on Sunday. I got the food order, so we’ll know on Sunday.

“I think what’s great for this group – after tonight and not starting early, which is what we’ve done this year, they’ve got another chance to do that, which is a good thing. I think they will do so next week.

Knowing that they will have a chance to play again compared to past years when it would be the end of the year:
“I am extremely proud of this group. Selection Sunday a year ago we watched the show and it was a miserable day. It was a 365 day countdown to make the selection on Sunday. They did it. It’s really cool.”


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