Mike Brey Notebook | Post-Florida state


Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey spoke after the 74-70 loss to Florida State on Wednesday night.

On the length of Florida State:
“You can’t execute some semblance of ball rollover, offensive ball control against that switch and crash. You have to screen play and drive and do some games.

“I think we did that a lot, especially in the first half – we got into that, which you’re going to have to do a bit more. Give them credit. They shot better than I expected. They came out the right door – a few stray balls bouncing around and it bit us at times when we weren’t able to control the ball.

“It’s a tough place to play and their home crowd was great. We were unlucky in this building. It was a great atmosphere and they responded. They play well here.”

Not being able to get loose balls or 50-50 balls:
“It’s frustrating and then you watch it at the end and you really don’t deserve to win if you can’t control it. It was something that bothered us sometimes in the past. We’ve been better at it for more nights, but not enough tonight.

“We had a few fouls at the end of the shot clocks. God, those are tough too. You play 25 seconds of defense. (Anthony) Polite is three in front of his bench – that’s a big blow, that’s is a blow and it’s kind of like some of the cliches Hubb has for saying you won’t get us tonight.

“They deserved it.”

On how quickly he wants the team to go from defeat to the season finale on Saturday:
“I just rinsed it off with our guys. We talked about our elders and what we did as we moved fast. I talked a bit about being able to control the defensive boards. We didn’t do it enough tonight, but we did enough this year to put ourselves in position.

“I spoke a bit about our seniors and what they have meant not only this year for our program and Saturday will be a great day for us. Let’s get out of here and move on.”

Pushing for transition points tonight:
“I thought we were going to have to go down the field and not play against all that length. For the most part, we managed to get the first miss, especially in the first half. We really got out and down on the floor.

“That’s actually why we asked Nate (Laszewski) to get the ball out of bounds because he’s closest to him when he goes in. You just have to get him in quickly.

“You play fast, you take the first good shot and it’s a really good shot. You can’t really say let’s slow down because you have to play against their half-court length. You better take what you can get. I thought we did a bunch tonight.”

On Florida State’s three-point shot:
“I’ve been on both sides. Here it is at the end of the year and they were a very good team in January when they had all their bodies. Now it’s a bit like tonight we have nothing to lose. We’re just gonna shoot.

“You could feel it coming when they did the first two. I think here we are and we’re going to have to absorb that. They kept doing big.

“They made 12 and we made five. That’s probably not a good math for us. It’s usually the other way around for us.”

On the low attendance numbers tonight:
“I think they sped us up. We had eight at half time and I thought we were moving the ball in transition. I think we could have done a better job when we got on the lane of the starting and driving again we went in and out of that we tried to finish some games on the first disc and even if you beat your guy like we saw his length recovers blocks stuff and Change stuff. It bothered us.

“Dane has those two in front of our wide open bench. He’s the guy we want to take them and when they don’t come in I think it could be a long night for us. That’s not a good karma.”

On the strength of the team for the rest of the season:
“I told them that it was our time. We can dream big dreams in the playoffs because I think they are realistic. We’ll see if we can play well for our seniors on Saturday and then set the tone for Brooklyn.

“Disappointed, but we got the hang of it pretty quickly. Love the position we’re in. We gave ourselves a chance and Florida State made some big plays.”

On Dane Goodwin and Nate Laszewski staying involved throughout the game:
“When we’re able to move a bit in our half-court movement – tonight was ‘just playing’. Nate got some help in the first half but he really didn’t get that in the second half. Dane made a few drives. He missed a few layups when no one was around. You’re doing this because these guys are looking around.

“We don’t really run stuff for people. We play and read and we want to keep doing that. Sometimes an out of bounds situation to get a guy started. To play in March for a while, those guys will have be the key for us.”


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