Message from President Higgins for Irish Music Month


Michael D Higgins

The Irish Music Month initiative is a celebration of the work of Irish musicians and performers and a tribute to the role their work plays in our country and in shaping our global reputation.

Radio stations participating in the initiative are committed to supporting Irish music through a range of activities, which include the broadcast of at least 30% Irish music for the duration of the month.

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President Higgins is a long-time supporter of Irish culture and artists, and during the Covid-19 pandemic he has spoken on several occasions of the importance of supporting those who work in the arts.

President Michael D. Higgins recorded an audio message in support of Irish Music Month.

May I send my best wishes to all who participate in and support Irish Music Month.

This initiative is the largest cooperative action ever undertaken by independent radio stations in Ireland and as such it is truly historic. A major statement of support for Irish music from 25 independent Irish radio stations, working with Hot Press and backed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, it must be welcomed with open arms.

The role and importance of music in life in Ireland cannot be overstated. Irish musicians are some of our most talented and popular performers. They are also, in this case, among the best practitioners of their art in the world.

The popularity of our musicians, bands and performers extends far beyond the Irish coast. Not only do these artists bring our rich musical tradition to countries around the world, but they also ensure that this extraordinary living tradition – powerful and resonant in itself – remains open to the influence and enrichment of other cultures. and other artistic perspectives. . This is how Irish music evolves, develops, constantly reflecting, in this powerful dynamic, the changing society with which it engages.

As we slowly begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cast such a dark shadow over so many aspects of our lives, including the cultural, we will hopefully be fueled by a greater appreciation. of the invaluable contribution that the arts, and culture, make to our common lives.

Along with all of our artists, musicians in Ireland offer us as a society a rewarding and often very beautiful and inspiring creative vision. But they are doing more, also challenging the status quo, in an inherently courageous and liberating way.

Throughout this difficult and most recent chapter of our common lives, which has endangered the cultural space and the livelihoods of those who work there, in a unique and disturbing way, I have been greatly inspired by the many imaginative and inventive ways in which our artistic community has continued to chart a positive course, working at the arduous task of expressing the fears and anxieties, as well as the hopes and dreams of our people.

It has also been deeply encouraging to witness the generous and enthusiastic support of our citizens, which has been such a significant testament to the importance of artistic work in particularly difficult and disturbing times.

Irish Music Month takes this testimony to the next level. This is yet another profound statement of the central role of culture in our lives; the commitment of so many dedicated people within the artistic community to ensure access to this culture; and the support given to them by the media, so important to nurture and encourage our artistic talent.

I have no hesitation in saying that we owe a great debt of gratitude to each of the 25 independent radio stations, spread out as they are across the country – and like them providing a special bond to the citizens of this country and to the nation. music for fans of all genres – for supporting this important event; and Hot Press, which has made such a valuable and lasting contribution to Irish music over so many years.

I thank them and everyone who participated in Irish Music Month, and wish you every success with this very valuable and imaginative initiative.

Gach rath ar an tógra samhlaíoch tábhachtach seo.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh go leir.


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