London millennials “don’t care” about the environment, says Irish food entrepreneur


Irish food and business entrepreneur Brody Sweeney said surveys of his London customers reveal a surprising lack of concern for the environment.

Sweeney, whose Camile Thai brand has 40 locations in Northern Ireland, the United States and London, revealed in the latest edition of the Biting Talk podcast that “we do a lot of research and one of the questions we let’s ask is, “Would it change your purchasing decision that we use compostable packaging?” And the universal answer is, “No, it wouldn’t.”

He continued: “One of our main selling points is that we have compostable packaging and what surprised me in London was almost total indifference to that selling point.”

“Maybe it’s not that surprising because at the millennial age you are invincible, so maybe the little talk we pay to the environment is not born. [out] by the way people live on the ground.

“A lot of times in the polls people say what they think they should say, but what surprised me was that they didn’t; they just told the truth.

Sweeney, whose O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars business expanded in the 1990s to 350 branches in 16 countries before going bankrupt in 2009, also revealed it was testing drone deliveries of its Thai take-out. in the small town of Oranmore, in the west of Ireland. .

Camile Thai has now delivered over 2,000 paid orders including cups of coffee delivered by drone. “It’s real, it’s cheaper than a driver and faster for the customer,” Sweeney said. The food, ordered on an app, arrives after customers identify the position they want the order to drop on a Google Earth image. Once the food is packed, the drone travels to a height of 400 feet at 50 MPH and, arriving at its destination, alerts customers via text message.

“The drone then descends to 40 feet and the food is lowered via biodegradable string,” Sweeney said, adding that the concept “will work in the suburbs but not in the city centers.”

You can hear the full interview on Biting Talk with Two Chicks which this week also features Mirabeau rosé founder Stephen Cronk, Tim Brice on the launch of his new restaurant Shoreditch Cincinatti Chillibomb and mixologist at Heydari’s House, Farhad Heydari, has a recipe for a Horse’s Neck cocktail.

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