Live Irish music to celebrate February 1st!


“A Celebration of St. Brigid,” the free, virtual and all-female Irish programming to celebrate St. Brigid’s Day presented by the Association of Irish and Celtic Festivalsairs Tuesday, February 1.

The Association of Irish and Celtic Festivals (AICF) is proud to host a free online concert, “A Celebration of St. Brigid”, an all-female virtuoso lineup featuring some of Ireland’s finest traditional and folk musicians and from America. today.

With the generous support of the Irish Embassy, ​​the AICF will feature eight artists from around the world, highlighting some of the finest female performers in Irish music. From established artists to up-and-coming bands, this all-female celebration highlights an important element of Celtic culture.

Tuesday’s special event, which will be hosted by Eileen Ivers and Joanie Madden, will be broadcast live on AICF Youtube and Facebookas well as here on IrishCentral and on IrishCentral’s Facebook page this Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. EST.

St. Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland, although she is not as famous as her male counterpart, St. Patrick, but she has legends and tales of her own. The AICF, which is dedicated to bringing Irish culture to the United States through Irish and Celtic festivals, wanted to celebrate its importance and bring its holiday, February 1, to the fore.

Erin O’Rourke, of the Indy Irish Fest and one of the board members of the AICF organisation, said: “After our success with our Irish Christmas concert, and reaching new audiences through our programming, we wanted to continue our mission of education, and what could be better than St. Brigid’s Day and a celebration of the feminine spirit.

“We hope that by spotlighting this Irish patron saint, her holidays and her stories, we can entertain and educate the public with a program that celebrates her and some of the best Irish musicians and dancers around the world.”

The AICF says this event would not be possible without the generous support of the Irish Embassy and their continued support of the AICF’s mission to bring Irish culture, through music, education, food and dancing, to those not in Ireland in the hope that these traditions will never be lost.

“The Irish Embassy and Consulates in the United States are delighted to support the second annual St. Bridget’s Day Concert showcasing Ireland’s rich musical heritage and incredible female artists,” said Cathal McMorrow, from the Irish Embassy.

Tuesday’s event will be co-hosted by Irish American musicians Eileen Ivers and Joanie Madden.

Ivers, who will also perform at the event, said: “St. Brigid was a light in the darkest times, a peacemaker, a woman who provided food and a haven for all. I am delighted to join other female artists in a live concert in honor of this beloved Irish saint.

“May the perpetual flame that St. Brigid lit so long ago, which still burns today in Kildare Town Market Square, live on in our hearts and shine through the gift of music and community. “

Additional guests and performers for “A Celebration of St. Brigid” on February 1 include:


The Bow Tides, featuring violinists Jessie Burns (Colorado), Katie Grennan (Chicago) and Ellery Klein (Boston), don’t let any track sit long without lush harmonies or rocking beats. This power trio met through their rotating role as Gaelic Storm fiddlers spanning almost 16 years. In 2020, they joined forces after being commissioned to produce two virtual concerts for US-based Irish festivals, leading to their first in-person appearance at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival in fall 2021. As performers, seasoned composers and educators, they have individually recorded thousands of hours of performance on renowned stages around the world.

The Bow Tides have released a series of singles in 2021 which have been played on many Celtic radio programs and are available on Bandcamp. The trio kicked off 2022 by producing their second international virtual music school, Fiddle Frenzy, alongside Solas fiddler founder Winifred Horan, which featured other powerhouse female fiddlers from the Celtic genre, including Liz Carroll, Catriona Macdonald and Brid Harper.

Bow Tides’ dedication to their art form, the community they build through music, and the uplifting connectedness they exude while performing together are a joy to behold.

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis is an American singer-songwriter whose musical imagination invites the world into her eclectic sphere. Think Joni Mitchell meets contemporary Celtic and you get something like the creative force of Ashley Davis. While this blend may classify his work, Davis’s unique ability to capture and intersect musical traditions ultimately transcends comparison.


The popular and multi-award winning quintet Goitse was forged in the white-hot creative melting pot at the Irish World Academy in Limerick. Named “Traditional Band of the Year” by Live Ireland and “Band of the Year” by Chicago Irish American News, Goitse has emerged as a leader in the new generation of traditional Irish bands. Their distinctive sound lies in the quality of their own compositions interspersed with traditional Irish and foreign country tunes, which make each performance unique.

Dani Larkin

Dani Larkin is a singer-songwriter and folk musician from the Armagh-Monaghan border. Her sound is inspired by the traditional Irish melodies she was raised with, her songs reminiscent of Celtic folk tales. Hailing from the Armagh-Monaghan border, Dani is a singer-songwriter and folk musician who is already regarded as one of Ireland’s finest songwriters. Larkin has been creating music for several years and is a well known face on the live circuit in Ireland. A storyteller by nature, her music is inspired by the folk tales she was raised with, interwoven with elements of traditional melodies and rhythms from around the world in a timeless tradition. She is a seasoned performer who is impossible to ignore once on stage.

Susan O’Neil

A critically acclaimed performer, as well as a member of the King Kong Company, SON – aka Susan O’Neill – is one of Ireland’s brightest emerging talents. The basis of her debut album “Found Myself Lost” saw SON find her voice among her peers, introducing her unique and otherworldly style. The enigmatic singer-songwriter honed his musical talents as one of the youngest members of the Ennis Brass Band and gained his early gospel influences with the ‘Really Truly Joyful Gospel Choir’. Eclecticly fusing traditional Irish folk with rock, soul, gospel and blues, his live performances are nothing short of electrifying. His throaty vocals combined with his superb guitar technique, loop pedals and trumpet have wowed audiences everywhere, from Stradbally to Sydney, Glasgow to Glastonbury, Manhattan to Milwaukee and many places beyond.

Catherine Ryan

Catherine Ryan is a captivating performer whose shows are renowned for their intimacy and power, as well as her witty banter. For over 25 years, including five solo albums, countless musical collaborations and multiple awards, Cathie Ryan has been at the forefront of Irish music. She is blessed with a voice of luminous clarity and a gift for unearthing gems from the Irish and American song traditions, creating her own soulful originals, and for showcasing writers whose work deserves wider recognition. Wrap that musical integrity in an accomplished artist and it’s no wonder The Wall Street Journal calls her music “a revelation.”

Clare Sands

Clare Sands is a sixth-generation fiddler and multi-instrumentalist creating an eclectic and energetic folk sound rooted in traditional Irish music. The remarkably versatile musician, composer, performer and singer-songwriter is an unstoppable performer to be reckoned with. The Cork-born artist with deep family roots in Northern Ireland and County Wexford started playing the violin at the age of three, learning tunes from her father Seamus every week while her mother Susan introduced her to the Blues. Clare Sands is a uniquely passionate and seductive force in Irish music and has wowed audiences around the world with her groundbreaking style, gravelly voice, outstanding performances and boundless energy.

Aifé Scott

Aifé Scott is a folk singer-songwriter from Dublin, with an impeccable pedigree as a member of the legendary Black Family, which includes her mother, Frances, and aunt, Mary. Aoife has steadily risen to the top of the traditional and folk music scene while garnering praise and recognition in Ireland and abroad as she hones her craft and continues to be a force to be reckoned with onstage. Irish folk and traditional. Her sublime voice is a thing of beauty that stops people in their tracks. Aoife has steadily risen to the top of the mainstream and folk music scene, long enjoying success as an established artist in her own right. Fragile and ethereal one minute and strong and vibrant the next, her dynamic and deep voice explores the emotional depths of her lyrics, leaving audiences enraptured.

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