Live Irish Music at Orange Hall in Niagara Falls


When it comes to music, few places in the world can boast tunes as lively and lively as the Irish.

But Niagara residents don’t need to hop on a jet and cross the pond to the Emerald Isle to get a healthy dose of live Irish music; they can do so simply by going to the Orange Hall at the corner of Drummond Road and Dunn Street in Niagara Falls on July 18.

That’s because Loyal Orange Lodge #998 and Loyal Orange Lodge #77, two local Niagara lodges of the Orange Order of Ontario, will be hosting different lodges and visitors from Northern Ireland at an event featuring featuring three Irish bands, starting at 7 p.m.

Sean Bell, Acting Secretary of Orange Lodge #77, said the Orange Order of Ontario is a fraternal organization originally based in Northern Ireland to support and uphold the Protestant faith and the British monarchy. . The two local lodges have been part of the Niagara community since the 1800s.

On July 16, the Order will hold its July 12 parade in Toronto, marking a pivotal battle in history dating back to the late 1600s. Bell said that while this year technically marks the parade’s 202nd year, the past two years have been limited to virtual events, so this year will essentially mark the big bicentenary celebration that would have taken place in 2020.

Bell said it was the longest continuous parade in North America.

“Many bands and members travel from all over the world – mainly from Northern Ireland, where our order originated – to help us parade and celebrate,” Bell said. While in Canada, some of the visitors will travel to the event in Niagara Falls.

The local event will take place outdoors, bands performing in Niagara Falls will be announced later. Bell said entertainment is open to everyone. “It’s also for people in the neighborhood,” he says. “We invite people to come and chat with us.

“We want to extend our invitation to anyone who might be interested in coming to watch and celebrate with us.”

The address of the lodge is 6202 Dunn St.

CLARIFICATION, July 13, 2022: This article has been edited from a previously published version to more accurately reflect the date of the historic battle commemorated in the July 12 parade.


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