Launch of the FUND Foundation to support Notre Dame student-athletes


The NIL era arrived in July, and on Monday the FUND (Friends of the University of Notre Dame) Foundation was launched to help support nonprofits with the help of Notre Dame student-athletes.

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn and former Tom Mendoza will join the FUND board along with former players Pat Eilers and Jason Sapp, per Athleticism.

Notre Dame and its various coaches cannot be part of or promote the Fund Foundation and this is clearly stated on the FUND website.

“The FUND operates independently of the University of Notre Dame; however, its mission is to benefit student-athletes who seek to become ambassadors for charities of their choice.

How is it for student-athletes?

The FUND Foundation Board approves the student-athletes, then a charity of choice is chosen.

“Once a student-athlete is selected and approved by FUND, they will choose a charity to support,” the FUND website said. “Student-athletes have various opportunities to make a difference, such as attending fundraising events, social media campaigns, volunteering at charity sites, and more.”

Contributions are also tax deductible

If you want more information or donate to the FUND, you can consult it here: Foundation FUND

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