Irish sports technology company Fulltime Analytics launched



Fulltime Analytics, a new Irish data analytics company, was officially launched and said its primary focus is to drive digital transformation through a data-driven approach for sports organizations and rights holders.

The company relies on an advanced data analytics platform that connects all of an organization’s data sources to help the sports industry better understand its fans.

It also supports business growth through ticketing, merchandise, fan engagement and sponsorship.

Fulltime Analytics has created a tailor-made analysis and marketing software offering tailored to the needs of the sports industry.

Its product is designed to organize, analyze and monetize data from organizations. This has traditionally presented a challenge with information often stored in isolated data silos and with different third-party vendors.

Fulltime Analytics is a joint venture between sports and hotel agency The Hospitality Partnership and Platformo, a global data analytics platform powering movie industry leaders Showtime Analytics.

Fulltime Analytics builds on the existing Platformo analytics platform which currently processes over 30 million customer records per month.

Greg Slattery, CEO of Fulltime Analytics, said the sports industry is in the midst of a data revolution.

He said the sport is unlike any other industry in the world when you consider the passion fans have for their team.

“This creates very rich data sets that our technology uses to develop innovative business strategies for clients,” said the CEO.

“There is a huge opportunity within the industry for those taking a data-driven approach, as targeted marketing communications at the right time will strengthen engagement with existing fans and also make their brand more attractive to a larger audience. large, “he added.



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