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Irish sports stars pay tribute to Ashling Murphy and call for an end to violence against women


SPORT stars across Ireland have paid tribute to Ashling Murphy and called for an end to attacks on women.

The country is in shock over what happened to the young primary school teacher as she went for a jog on Wednesday night.


Ashling Murphy was killed on Wednesday
O'Gara said he was


O’Gara said he was “engulfed in disbelief and rage”.
Conan Byrne called on all men


Conan Byrne called on all men “to do better”.

Gardaí have vowed to ‘leave no stone unturned’ in their investigation into Offaly’s horror murder.

Gardai has now launched a major investigation with a team of over 50 officers forming part of the investigation.

A 40-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the murder and is currently being held at Tullamore Garda station.

And sports stars across the island paid tribute to Ashling.

Taking to Twitter, Irish MMA legend Paul Redmond wrote: “Any man who lays his hands on a woman is a coward, a heinous act in broad daylight is absolutely sickening.

“I have 3 young nieces, what kind of world will they grow up in…RIP to this young lady.”

Olympian Rob Heffernan wrote: “9.9/10 Feeling good after a race but not today. Can’t get my mind off what happened to that poor girl in Offaly, such a waste of time. a life so full of promise.

“The ripple effect on the family, the community of his poor 1st class is so hard to understand and accept RIP #aislingmurphy“.

While Lisa Fallon said: “Aisling Murphy went for a run in broad daylight. This needs to stop.

“Violence against women has stopped. Our society needs to look in the mirror and stop. Women’s fear for their safety in normal life is not acceptable.”

Former League of Ireland star Conan Byrne called on men to look at each other in the wake of the terrible tragedy, saying: “Men are sometimes troublesome. Defending this appalling act by saying ‘all men… “. Shameful!

“We need to do better!! We need to do better!! We!!! Men!!! Pray for Aisling Murphy’s family, friends and co-workers!! #shewasgoingforarun

And, former Irish rugby union half, Ronan O’Gara said: “Thoughts with family and friends of Aisling Murphy. Engulfed in disbelief and rage. Amazing. Could be anyone’s daughter Hope the family knows the country is with them.


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