Irish moviegoers call for ‘accent font’ after featuring Jamie Dornan’s twang Mayo in new Wild Mountain Thyme trailer


IRISH moviegoers have called for the “accent police” after featuring Jamie Dornan’s twang Mayo in a new trailer.

The Irish actor is one of the stars of Wild Mountain Thyme, alongside Christopher Walken, Emily Blunt and Jon Hamm.


Jamie Dornan was slated for his Mayo accent
Jamie and Emily Butcher Irish accent


Jamie and Emily Butcher Irish accent
Christopher Walken is also in the new movie


Christopher Walken is also in the new movie

But his compatriots, men and women, have taken up arms in the Co Down star’s attempt to make his voice heard in the west of Ireland.

A trailer for the film was posted online Tuesday and went viral across the country as it was slated for stars who performed up to an “Oirishness”.

Blunt is seen in shawls and old fashioned clothing that would lead viewers to believe it was an Irish period drama a long time ago.


But the film, based on a play called Outside Mullingar, is actually set in 2005.

Her character, Rosemary Muldoon, is in love with her beautiful neighbor, Anthony Reilly, played by Dornan.

Reilly thinks he’s cursed to work on his father’s farm forever and never find love, but when his father, played by Walken, tries to sell the farm to his American cousin, Hamm, he surrenders reckons that he must follow his heart.


One person on Twitter joked that the film was a “hate crime” against the Irish, while another added: “These accents are an affront to our twin gods of Guinness and potatoes.”

Another tweeted: “Absolutely fascinated by Jamie Dornan’s accent here. How the hell did he, an Irishman, manage to make his character sound like an American playing an Irishman. “

Comedian Joanne McNally added, “Wait, it doesn’t matter the other two, but how can Jamie Dornan fail to make HIS OWN ACCENT !?”

Dublin Airport even joked: “There’s the fashion police, the grammar police.

“We even have the airport police. Is there an accent font? If so, someone better call them. On the plus side, Ireland looks nice. . “


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