Irish Movie Lost & Found 2019 in USA


“Lost & Found” is the Irish film of 2019!

Looking for a great Irish movie for the next few weeks as we look forward to being able to air the second season of Derry Girls? After opening in North America in March 2019, “Lost & Found” became a surprising Irish hit in the United States, shattering box office numbers achieved by the famine film “Black 47” and the H- movie. block “Maze”.

In fact, “Lost & Found” is expected to triple the numbers achieved by both films despite a tiny $ 75,000 budget.

Already six weeks into its release, the film is still going strong in New York and Boston and has just released in Chicago and Washington DC, with even more theaters planning to begin screenings later this month.

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Not only that, but it has also been made available on “Video On Demand”, bringing it to over 150 million homes on multiple platforms across cable, satellite, telecommunications and online.

Based on true stories, “Lost & Found” is a feature film with seven interconnected stories set in and around a lost and found office at an Irish train station.

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Liam Carney in the movie “Lost & Found”.

Not only did the film’s world premiere at the Galway Film Fleadh sell out instantly, it won the Best Foreign Film Award at the 2018 Arizona International Film Festival and was a trending headline at the recent 25th Festival. from Austin’s movie in November 2018.

Find more information about the film and tickets here.

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