Irish Food Board launches dairy ingredients forum to strengthen ties with Egyptian market



Bord Bia Regional Director for Africa, Nicolas Ranninger

Ireland’s leading dairy ingredient suppliers stand ready to strengthen their business links with leading Egyptian food retailers and manufacturers through a dairy forum hosted by the Irish Food Board.

Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board) is the Irish government agency responsible for the promotion, business development and marketing of the Irish food, drink and horticultural industry. Based in Dublin, Bord Bia has a network of 15 offices abroad, including Africa. Following a successful business mission by the Irish government to Algeria in 2020, Bord Bia hopes to use the Egypt Ireland Dairy Ingredients virtual forum to connect Irish dairy suppliers with new and existing Egyptian business partners.

In response to a demand for dairy products, Egypt has experienced a 47% growth in total dairy imports over the past 10 years, of which Ireland has been a key supplier. The total value of Irish dairy exports to Africa for 2020 was € 658 million, while Irish dairy exports to Egypt amounted to € 52 million in the same year. ; one that saw a 3% increase in the value of Ireland’s international dairy exports to 5.2 billion euros.

Speaking about the Dairy Ingredients Forum, which should be a matchmaking event and a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners, Bord Bia Regional Director for Africa, Nicolas Ranninger, said this current wave of d he business activity will aim to build on Ireland’s reputation as a safe, reliable and sustainable supplier of dairy products to Egypt. “The Irish dairy industry continues to innovate, investing nearly US $ 3 billion over the past 5-10 years in world-class production facilities with a focus on quality, safety and the production of premium dairy products to meet customer applications and consumer needs. he said. Regarding the status of the market, Ranninger added that “Egypt has experienced a growth of 47% in total imports of dairy products over the past 10 years and has one of the highest consumption of dairy products in the world. Africa, at 98 liters per capita. Specific demand for Irish dairy products in Egypt has doubled in value over the past five years, driven by demand for cheese which accounts for two-thirds of this trade. According to the annual Irish food and drink industry performance and outlook report for 2020, Ireland is Egypt’s largest supplier of cheddar cheese, with cheese accounting for half of total exports.

“Food is Ireland’s number one indigenous industry and we are extremely proud that our food industry is a solution-oriented industry,” said Ranninger. stringent food safety controls have enabled Ireland to develop a strong and internationally recognized dairy sector. Despite the Covid-19 crisis with production and logistics challenges, our industry has shown resilience and is committed to supplying the Egyptian market with our best quality products until 2020 and will remain a preferred partner for the ‘Egyptian industry’.

The Egypt Ireland Dairy Ingredients Forum is the second forum organized by Bord Bia in the market in two years and will include in-depth contributions from research agency GIRA on market trends and how Covid-19 is influencing consumer behavior. The seminar will conclude with a program of targeted business meetings for Egyptian processors with Irish dairy companies.



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