Irish film Wild Mountain Thyme criticized for “State Of The Accents”


It looks like 2020 will end as horribly as it started, especially for the Irish people who have been made aware of the Irish ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ accents.

A trailer for the new Ireland-based film has been released and social media is lashing out at the ‘state of accents’ of every actor involved.

Emily Blunt and Christopher Walken star in the drama alongside Irishman Jamie Dornan, who takes a lot of criticism because he managed to mutilate an accent from his own country.

Blunt stars as Rosemary Muldoon, who falls in love with Jamie Dornan’s Anthony Reilly, before problems arise regarding the family farms.

The two actors completely destroy their accents to the point that Tom Cruise almost gets a pass for his Far and Away monstrosity.

Those who watched the trailer for the film made their feelings known online, as one person wrote: “After the bar set by Daisy Edgar-Jones in Normal People, the state of accents in #WildMountainThyme is like Toy Story 5 made with clip art. ‘

Another said of the ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ accents: “In 50 Shades Jamie Dornan tortured his partner in #WildMountainThyme, Irish accent suffers.”

A third wrote: “The time has finally come for @TomCruise to pass the torch of the worst Irish accent in a movie. It’s been a while since he shot Far and Away, but Tom finally gave up the title. ‘

Another confused observer added: “Gerard Butler’s carving up of Irish accent in ‘PS I Love You’ is a fart in a windstorm compared to this cool hell!”


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