Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees will receive cots at Irish sports halls over Easter


Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees will have to sleep on cots in community and sports halls for Easter.

And preparations are also in place for new arrivals to live in tents on the grounds of army barracks from next Monday, April 18.

Government ministers were told on Wednesday that this was because short-term contracts with hotels and bed and breakfasts had expired as hotel businesses wanted to reopen for Easter.

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This has left the government scrambling to find places to house the women and children, mostly women and children fleeing Ukraine’s war zone, with an average of 500 arriving here every day asking for help.

An update to ministers at the weekly Cabinet meeting of the Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, revealed that 95% of all Ukrainian refugees arriving from now on will need to be placed in emergency accommodation.

Emergency living conditions will see refugees receive camp beds in places like community halls and sports halls.

The Defense Forces will be able to provide military dormitory-style beds and tents at their Granegorman facility starting next Monday.

Unused capacity in hotels and bed and breakfasts that the government used to supply is exhausted and the number of beds offered by the public is also drying up.

It is now estimated that as many as 50% of the 22,000 rooms offered by the public through the Irish Red Cross are either unsuitable or people have changed their minds or cannot be contacted to arrange a inspection.

It is understood that the number of government-hosted in hotels and guesthouses has almost reached the maximum of 13,000.

Inside Operation “Registration” at Citywest

Numbers in private accommodation are still organized by the Irish Red Cross and the Department for Integration.

Meanwhile, the number of Ukrainians entering the country in search of sanctuary continues at a steady stream, with the latest government estimates predicting that between 26,000 and 32,000 are expected here throughout the weekend. -end.

The latest estimate for the end of April is that we will have welcomed 36,000 traumatized refugees from Ukraine.

Yesterday, 23,000 Ukrainian refugees arrived here after their homes were destroyed by Russian forces as part of the barbaric invasion of their homeland.

Last night a government spokesman said the government’s housing supply was at breaking point, saying there was a ‘high risk’ of running out of accommodation.

Speaking on behalf of the Taoiseach, he said: “The Cabinet has learned that the humanitarian and security situation in Ukraine is very serious indeed, particularly in areas which continue to come under constant Russian attack.

“There is no doubt that war crimes have been committed by Russian forces.”

The spokesperson added: “There continues to be a high risk of shortages of emergency and short-term accommodation in the medium term”.

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