Hot Press and 25 IBI radio stations join forces for Irish Music Month in October


A major initiative to promote Irish artists and groups is supported by XL Retail Group as well as BAI through its Sound & Vision program, and will see a significant increase in radio broadcast to 25 independent radio stations – and € 100,000 will be paid directly to Irish artists.

A new initiative, Irish Music Month, has been announced by Hot Press and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI). It will take place throughout the month of October.

Twenty-five independent radio stations from across Ireland have signed up for what is the largest programming event ever hosted by local stations since the founding of independent radio in Ireland in 1989. The event is supported by the BAI, as part of its Vision Scheme.

Other supporters of the project include XL Retail Group, MCD Concerts, IMRO and RAAP.

With the joint contribution of twenty-five independent radio stations and Hot Press as the national presenter, the entire event will see the stations:

  • Participate in the national campaign of supporting the live music industry in Ireland roots up
  • Play more Irish music, in all its wonderful diversity – and provide significant additional boost to the profile and status of Irish artists
  • Help generate a new buzz of excitement on the work of Irish artists, musicians and performers
  • Launch a large national talent search, under the A new local hero banner, which will involve the direct payment of € 100k to Irish artists
  • Attend boost sales Irish merchandising and other products of groups and artists through a free on-air advertising campaign
  • Create additional exposure for Irish artists in Hot Press and others Irish and international media

“Irish Music Month is a huge statement of support for Irish musicians and artists by independent radio stations in Ireland and by the BAI,” said Niall Stokes, editor-in-chief of Hot Press. “The support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for the initiative is welcome. We are also delighted with the level of support and commitment shown by independent Irish stations, with the involvement of 25 radio stations.”

John Purcell, IBI President, hailed the initiative as an opportunity for stations to showcase the unique power of radio in Ireland.

“I was really delighted to see how excited everyone was to get involved in Irish Music Month,” said John Purcell. “I think this goes to a powerful and hugely beneficial initiative. The past 18 months have been very difficult for Irish musicians and for the event industry. If we have learned anything from the pandemic it is that we are all stronger if we support one another, and so all twenty-five independent stations are now stepping up and doing their part to support Irish artists – and hopefully accelerate the recovery of a sector that is vital for Irish life, it is an opportunity for radio stations, which are so important to their local communities and audiences, to show what they can do – and they are going to really appreciate it.

“When we heard about Irish Music Month, we saw what was right for us right away,” said Paul Bealin, XL Retail Group Sales Director. “XL and our independent retailers aim to serve and support local communities – that’s what is so appealing about Irish Music Month. It’s great to have 25 local radio stations showing their support for Irish music and Irish musicians – who are so important to local communities all over Ireland. Building on our commitment to offer ‘much more in your local store’, we hope that XL’s support will help Irish Music Month achieve its goal of upping the spirits of Irish musicians and audiences across the country like us. we are all recovering from the devastating impact of the pandemic. “

BAI Deputy CEO Celene Craig said: “BAI is delighted to support this fantastic initiative through our Sound & Vision fundraising program. After a very difficult time for the Irish broadcasting and music industries, this collaboration will help give our established musicians and performers a boost and help spotlight emerging local talent, while bringing the best of the world. Irish music. music to radio listeners across the country. We wish everyone who participates in Irish Music Month every success.

“Irish Music Month is a brilliant initiative,” said Denis Desmond of MCD Productions. “There are so many great new Irish artists coming in, and seeing them and their work supported in this way by 25 radio stations working together is of immense importance. We need to support and encourage Irish artists in every way we can, that’s what makes Irish Music Month so important. “

The benefits of Irish Music Month for artists are immense.

  • 100,000 € will go directly to musicians and performers.
  • A € 125,000 radio campaign to buy Irish music and Irish music merchandising, broadcast on all 25 stations, will also result in additional income going directly to Irish artists.
  • There will be a significant increase in radio broadcasts for Irish music at the 25 stations
  • Hot Press’s Extended Support Will Drive Artist Exposure, Sales And Additional Income
  • A major talent search that will launch the recipient of the A New Local Hero Award on the national and international stage.

Many Irish artists have already recorded messages of support for Irish Music Month, including recent Hot Press stars James Vincent McMorrow, Andrea Corr and Elijah Hewson from Inhaler, as well as The Script, Kodaline, Una Healy, Villagers, Soul̩, Mary Black Рand many more.

“Irish Music Month demands a huge commitment from every station, as well as staff, program makers and broadcasters,” added Niall Stokes. “But I think this is a time when this kind of collective action, supporting our artists and musicians – who haven’t been able to work for 18 months – is particularly important. I hope it will have a really positive impact, after what has been a very difficult time for live music and for the musicians who make it. “

For more information, tune in to your favorite independent radio station, read Hot Press – and check out

The IBI is the representative body of Ireland’s independent commercial broadcasters. Its stations broadcast to 2.449 million listeners across Ireland every day. These are national, multi-city, regional and local radio stations. 25 of these stations have pledged to participate in Irish Music Month, with additional support from Newstalk via the Tom Dunne Show.

This project is unique in bringing together for the first time the power and reach of more than 25 of these stations.

The full list of stations participating in Irish Music Month is:

Claire FM
Classic tubes
Cork 96fm
Cork C103
East Coast Radio
Galway Bay FM
Highland Radio
Limerick Live 95
Midlands Radio 3
Central West Radio
Ocean FM
Radio Kerry
Red FM
Shannonside / Northern Sound
Turn southwest
Turn 1038
Radio Nova
South East Radio
FM tip


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