Hospitality Ireland presents a summary of Irish culinary news


Hospitality Ireland presents an overview of Irish culinary news.

Sodexo creates videos for Focus Ireland

Sodexo has created a series of videos for Focus Ireland.

Sodexo said: “A series of tasty video recipes ‘concocted’ by the chefs of Sodexo Ireland for its charity partner Focus Ireland has just been launched. “A Simple Guide to Everyday Meals” is the first-ever recipe video series developed on behalf of the homeless, supporting its strategic goal of developing essential life skills for families emerging from long-term homelessness. the launch at the Focus Ireland Family Center in Dublin.

“The ‘first’ cooking video also underpins Sodexo’s commitment to providing skills-based mentoring and needs-driven services to support local communities, as part of its commitment to social impact.

“Shot in Bord Bia’s demonstration kitchen in Dublin, Sodexo volunteer chefs demonstrated how to quickly prepare and cook tasty, nutritious and economical family meals. Each recipe is loaded with nutrients, and nearly all are designed to feed a family of four. for ten euros each. Meals are prepared from standard supermarket ingredients using minimal kitchen utensils. A printed copy of the ‘A Simple Guide to Everyday Meals’ cookbook will also be available for families accessing the Focus Ireland Family Center in Dublin, with tips and advice on what to buy to cook healthier versions. of your favorite recipes without losing the taste.

“Culinary Director Julianne Forrestal and John Core, one of the group’s business leaders, were two of the main chefs involved in leading the collaborative project. John has a Masters Degree in Applied Culinary Nutrition and he put his skills to use to develop the right content for the video series.

Julianne Forrestal, Culinary Director of Sodexo Ireland, said: “We are sponsors of the Focus Ireland Family Center and the idea for the video series arose out of a mutual discussion of other opportunities for Sodexo to expand its support, using our business skills and expertise. The recipe video series was the perfect fit and a big thank you to all of our chefs who gladly volunteered their time and skills on screen and behind the scenes to make it happen. I also want to give special thanks to Bord Bia for giving us the use of their demonstration kitchen, it was the perfect place to bring the video series to life. ‘

Ciara Carty, Director of Services for Focus Ireland, said: “Sodexo has a long history of supporting Focus Ireland, partnering with us and supporting us in a number of ways. We are delighted to partner with them again for this incredible initiative. Not only will this provide our customers with the knowledge and skills to create delicious meals, but it will also allow them to strengthen their nutritional knowledge and improve their cooking techniques. This will only boost their confidence and allow them to create and recreate these amazing dishes, time and time again. ‘

“Sodexo Ireland is one of the largest providers of workplace services in the country, managing staff restaurants, transforming workspaces to improve the employee experience, facilities management and property management for on behalf of corporate, industrial, health and education clients.

“The Sodexo recipe video series is now live on the Focus Ireland YouTube account. “

Glanbia moves forward with plans to quit dairy business in Ireland

As reported by Irish weather, global nutrition group Glanbia is moving forward with plans to exit the dairy business in Ireland, signing deals to sell its 40% stake in Glanbia Ireland for € 307 million.

The food group announced the plans last month, saying it would sell the stake to Glanbia Co-op, which is owned by the farmers who supply it.

This decision would allow Glanbia to focus on food ingredients and sports nutrition.

Glanbia reportedly said on Wednesday (December 8th) that it had signed binding legal agreements for the deal, which are expected to be approved by Glanbia shareholders, cooperative members and regulators.

After the deal is concluded, the name of the dairy cooperative and Glanbia Ireland is expected to change. The costs of 8 million euros related to retirement obligations and the costs of separation and rebranding would be financed by the group.

The proceeds from the sale would be primarily invested in growth opportunities, with 50% of the proceeds apparently going back to shareholders through a share buyback.

In a separate filing with the stock exchange, Glanbia reportedly said it would launch a share buyback program worth up to € 50 million.

“Glanbia will generate strong operating cash flow this year while continuing to invest in growth opportunities and shareholder returns,” Group CEO Siobhán Talbot reportedly said. “In accordance with our capital allocation policy, we are today launching a new share buyback program for a maximum amount of 50 million euros, taking into account the continued good cash performance of the activity in 2021. “

The program is expected to run until May.

Irish steak will feature on Japanese menus for the first time

Irish steak is featured on Japanese menus for the first time.

In a statement posted on its website, Bord Bia said: “For the first time in December, Irish steak will be on the menu of thousands of customers in Japan. This Christmas season, restaurant chain Negishi will feature Irish rib eye steak on their menus. This will be the first time Irish steak has been featured on the menu of a leading restaurant chain in Japan.

Negishi, which has 40 outlets in the Tokyo area, specializes in various types of grilled beef tongue – considered a delicacy in Japan. From December 10e to 25e, the restaurant chain will offer city dwellers the chance to sample Irish grass-fed rib eye at ten of its busiest locations.

“Negishi was an early adopter, and is now a key customer, for Irish beef in Japan. Serving approximately 100,000 customers per week at its 40 locations, Negishi is the largest Irish Beef Tong customer in the world.

“To further promote Irish beef, Negishi will also be offering a special Christmas box of Irish steak and language this month, available to order online.

Joe Moore, Japanese Market Specialist at Bord Bia, said: “The knowledge and awareness of Ireland as a stable source of quality beef has grown significantly in the Japanese market in recent years. We’re delighted that Irish Grass-Fed Steak is on the menu for the first time at one of Japan’s leading restaurant chains. Negishi is an important customer for Irish Beef, and we are happy to work closely with them to provide their loyal customers with a new Irish Beef experience. Japan is one of the world’s largest meat importers and the Irish steak on the menu in the restaurant channel is testament to the Irish food industry‘s continued efforts to break into this market.

“Irish beef exports to Japan have increased dramatically in recent years. A total of € 15.7 million in beef value was exported in 2020, nearly double the € 9.5 million exported in 2019. Ireland is now the seventh largest exporter of beef to the Asian country . .

“While the initial growth was in the form of tongues and other organ meats, more recently Japan has emerged as a prime destination for beef. Since the implementation of the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement in 2019, tariffs on beef imported from Europe have decreased. Indeed, exports to Japan in all categories are growing. The total value of food and drink exports to Japan in 2020 was 146 million euros, up 12% year-on-year. “

Flipdish takes second place in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards

Irish digital food ordering solution Flipdish took second place in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards.

Flipdish said: “Flipdish, a digital ordering platform, today welcomed the results of Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards, in which the company takes second place in this year’s list, up one spot. compared to last year’s awards. The Fast 50 is one of Today in its 22nd edition, it ranks companies based on their growth and income over the past four years and celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship in the indigenous tech sector of Ireland.

“This year’s Fast 50 awards showcase companies that not only survived the pandemic, but thrived during the turbulent year that had a significant impact on businesses across all industries. Flipdish’s mission has always been to help food business owners take control of their businesses and during the pandemic their priority has been to enable business owners to survive and thrive with Flipdish technology. With Flipdish’s offering of QR Code Order & Pay technology and kiosks, food business owners have been able to stay in compliance with government guidelines while meeting the needs of their customers. This is already in addition to Flipdish’s other online ordering offerings through branded websites and apps that continue to be used by food companies in Ireland, Europe and the United States.

“Despite a turbulent year, Flipdish has certainly thrived and continues to do so during the pandemic. Starting in 2021 with a fundraising of 40 million euros in February, while the company’s revenue has increased tenfold since its roundtable in 2018. In 2021, Flipdish has also made notable progress in partnerships, one being with the iconic Bewleys cafe on Grafton Street in Dublin. In addition to this, Flipdish has seen significant growth this year, in particular in the American market which has increased tenfold and the British market which has grown by four times, hiring at a sustained rate and now has more than 300 employees.

“The company also received the first Scale Up award. This award is given to a company that has demonstrated an impressive ability to grow and expand overseas over the past four years.

Speaking on the results today, CEO and Co-Founder Conor McCarthy said, “Flipdish is once again delighted to be listed as one of Deloitte’s Fast 50 companies. We are also excited to move from number three to number two, which only reconfirms the continued acceptance of new technologies by the hospitality industry.

“I also want to congratulate all the other companies that have been listed. It is a great achievement for all of us. This has been a difficult year across all sectors, but the hospitality industry has suffered and continues to suffer significant losses to the At Flipdish, we hope to be a vital partner in the recovery of the industry and to ensure that many hotel businesses remain open across Ireland and thrive in 2022 and beyond. ‘”

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