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Notre Dame held its Blue-Gold Game draft on Wednesday morning, but there was some bad news for the Fighting Irish as quarterback Tyler Buchner will miss Saturday’s spring game.

The sophomore quarterback missed a walk after a game Tuesday night and sprained his ankle.

“Buchner suffered a non-football related injury yesterday while coming down the steps,” Notre Dame head coach Marcus Freeman said. “He rolled his ankle. He missed the last step. It happened yesterday at 5 o’clock at night. We had a quarterbacks meeting and when they left the quarterbacks meeting, it arrived within 30 minutes.”

When you look at the bigger picture, Buchner’s injury is not something to worry about and even missing the game is not something to worry too much about at this stage.

Buchner won’t miss first-team vs. first-team reps in the spring game as the draft provides a mix of the depth chart. The chance to get more reps is a waste, but Freeman was pleased with the work Buchner received this spring.

“An unfortunate accident, so he’ll be out for the spring game,” Freeman said. “He had 13 very, very good practices. I’m happy with that game.”

Marcus Freeman preached the competition this spring and the Blue-Gold Game draft is another example.

Coach and Player Selection Teams were meant to be fun, but can also be used as a motivational tool in some cases.

“If I was a player and I wasn’t number 1, for example, I would definitely be motivated to prove myself,” Blues team head coach Al Washington said. “I think that’s what you want and I think that’s part of Coach Freeman’s plan – it was to bring that out. Enthusiasm. Guys who bring that fire and that competitive spirit .”

Cornerback Cam Hart (Gold) and Houston Griffith (Blue) were captains and participated in the selection process – and both were bold and confident in their picks, which is what Freeman wanted.

“Our focus was execution rather than talent,” Hart said after the draft. “I think a good group of guys can work together and get the job done. There can be a lot of talent on one side, but if they don’t communicate or work together, it won’t work.”

Griffith secured a victory for the blue team in front of his teammates, then doubled in front of the media.

“I said we’ll see the results. Cam talks they’re going to play with a lot of execution, but I don’t know how your team is going to execute with my team wreaking havoc in attack and defence. ”

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