Clodagh McKenna slammed for ‘Irish Food’ segment this morning


Clodagh McKenna has been ridiculed online for her ‘Irish Cuisine’ segment on this morning’s St. Patrick’s Day special.

The chef, from Blackrock in Cork, appeared on the popular daytime show to make Irish staples, including pints of Guinness with the faces of Phillip Schofield and Allison Hammond scanned on it, beef stew with chocolate and a Guinness chocolate cake.

After toasting the day with Phillip and Allison, she ended the segment with the Irish toast “Sláinte”.

However, Clodagh’s pronunciation of the toast was a bit odd to say the least – the chef saying a word like ‘sloy-ta-ta’. (You can check it out in the segment below).

After having a pint supper – which Allison scowled at as she doesn’t like Guinness – Clodagh then cooked some Irish delicacies including an Irish stew with Guinness and chocolate. Yes really.

“Some people probably think ‘oh my God’, but the French have been doing it for years, and so have the Mexicans. They add dark chocolate which gives the liquid a silky texture and then gives it a wonderful smoke,” Clodagh explained for her controversial decision to introduce chocolate into the stew mix.

Some viewers were less impressed with Clodagh’s surprise dark chocolate addition, saying the ingredient doesn’t make it an “Irish” stew.

Clodagh McKenna has come under fire online for her ‘Irish Food’ segment on This Morning’s St. Patrick’s Day special. Photo: This Morning/YouTube

“Does Clodagh only know how to make stew?” asked one viewer, to which another replied “she doesn’t even know how to do that”. It’s not an Irish stew.

“Clodagh, that’s not how you say sláinte,” another person tweeted. And it’s not Irish stew. What am I looking at? She must have been rich growing up if that’s what she thinks she’s Irish.

However, the hosts loved the Clodagh stew, with Allison Hammond saying it reminds her of a similar soup dish they cook in the Caribbean.

This morning Clodagh
Clodagh made an Irish stew and included dark chocolate in the ingredients, which split viewers. Image: This Morning/Youtube

“It’s really similar to Caribbean cuisine,” Allison told Clodagh. “So we make a Caribbean soup, and you put the beef and everything in it. It’s beautiful.’


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