Celtic Woman will kick off a Pensacola tour of Irish music


The Grammy-nominated Irish band celtic woman makes Pensacola the first leg of their 83-city North American tour, with a performance scheduled for February 24. Saenger Theater.

The all-female band that formed in 2005 has released 15 different albums of Irish music since, ‘Postcards from Ireland’ being the latest album, featuring 13 new songs.

“The group is a bit like an ambassador for Ireland. Sharing Irish traditions with the world and kind of keeping that flame burning is just… I feel very lucky,” said performer Muirgen O’Mahony. “It’s so amazing that people all over the world feel such a connection to Celtic Woman.”

The band are known for combining the classical and the contemporary, fusing Irish traditions through music. The three other singers in addition to O’Mahony – Tara McNeill, Megan Walsh and Chloe Agnew – are accompanied on stage by traditional Irish instruments. The instrumentation helps set the stage for each live performance, which has taken the band to 23 countries on six continents.

O’Mahony said the group is in a period of refreshment, where they bring new elements to well-known traditional tunes.

“We’re bringing a lot of new material from our recent album ‘Postcards from Ireland’. There’s a mix of more traditional stuff in there, as well as stuff that Celtic Woman would be known for,” O’Mahony said. we’re really excited to be able to perform this in front of a live audience, it’s been two long years since we’ve been kept away from people, we’re just beside ourselves to get back out there.

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The group has also been recognized on national television, performing for three US Presidents with two White House appearances, in addition to performing for Dancing with the Stars on ABC TV. An 80-minute PBS special featuring the artists will air Nov. 27.

O’Mahony said that as the newest member of the group, this tour will be her first performance with the other three women in front of a crowd. But the experiences that prepared her for the tour took years to prepare, with 10 years under her belt as an actress, singer and instrumentalist.

Despite having plenty of experience and a childhood love of musical theatre, it wasn’t until she was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music in London for her master’s degree that she made the decision to take the plunge. first in music professionally.

O’Mahony described how surreal it is for her to now be part of a group that has served as a role model for her. For Irish classics like the song “The Dawning of the Day”, O’Mahony said she first learned to play it on the whistle and fiddle as a child. Now she performs the song’s cinematic narrative for the crowds.

O’Mahony said she could only describe Celtic Woman’s version of the song as “hair-raising” and can’t wait for fans to hear it.

celtic woman

“I grew up watching Celtic Woman. As an Irish girl band they are iconic. Sixteen years ago I saw them play for the first time… to be a part of this is incredibly special.

She said the band’s emphatic sound is something that has always appealed to her, but she never imagined it could be a full-time career.

“Being a singer myself, it’s something I’ve always aspired to. I remember so clearly seeing them and thinking, ‘Wow, I’d love to do that. I never even realized that it could be a career,” she said. “So now to do it as a full-time job is amazing.”

Tickets to see Celtic Woman on February 24 at the Saenger Theater can be purchased through Ticketmaster from $42.


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