Actress Olivia Cooke stars in new Irish film Pixie


ACTRESS Olivia Cooke says filming Pixie in Ireland was “really good craic” – but admits she was terrified of doing an Irish accent.

The film set in Ireland – which was shot in Belfast – tells the story of a young woman called Pixie who wants to avenge the death of her mother.


Irish film Pixie is one of the best releases this week
Olivia stars as a daughter desperate to avenge her mother's death in Pixie


Olivia stars as a daughter desperate to avenge her mother’s death in Pixie

She soon finds herself on the run with two unlikely guys (Daryl McCormack and Ben Hardy).

The English actress said of the Ireland shoot: “That inherent humor that you have is just wonderful to experience.”

Peaky Blinders star Daryl from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary especially enjoyed spending time in Belfast.

He told “We shot a lot of the film in Belfast, I had been there a few times but hadn’t lived there like we did for the shoot.

“It’s a great city, it’s the perfect size to walk around, it’s nice to live in another part of Ireland where I’ve never really spent too much time.

“Then we went to the west of Ireland, even 20 minutes from Belfast, it’s in the middle of the countryside so it was great to explore places I had never been before.


Bohemian Rhapsody star Ben said he found the shoot in Sligo to be particularly beautiful.
“I would love to see more of Ireland, explore more,” he added.

Olivia and Ben both had to adopt an Irish accent for the film and agreed that it comes with a level of nerves.

Olivia said: “It was such a panic attack, I gave it a try. My friend Niall is Irish and he said my accent sounded good. I’m glad I did.”

Pixie is currently in the top 3 for films in Irish cinemas, which reopened on December 4th.

CINEMA CAMPAIGN is a platform developed by Wide Eye Media in 2020 to celebrate both the role of cinemas in a community and the power of watching a movie in a shared setting.

The inaugural competition gives seven people privileged access to a private group discussion about the film online.

They will be able to ask questions of Daryl McCormack who plays Harland McKenna, Barnaby Thompson (Director / Producer) and Preston Thompson (Writer) about the shooting of the comedy.

Winners must be available to participate in the group chat at 6 p.m. on Monday, December 21, 2020, with good Wi-Fi.

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The contest ends Thursday, December 17 at noon.

There has been a strong and immediate return to cinemas across Ireland from Friday the 4the December. The top 3 performing movies of the weekend were Wolfwalkers, Pixie and Honest Thief – all new releases.

The whole month of December promises to be rich in novelties.

Warner Brothers Blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 is confirmed in Irish theaters on December 16, and Margot Robbie is back on the big screen with Dreamland starting tomorrow. Pixie is in theaters now.

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