A weeklong traditional Irish music event in Sunnyside this month


Dave Fahy (L) and Pat Mangan (R) will be among the artists performing at Sunnyside Trad Week (Photos provided by IMPAQ.US)

September 1, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

A new event featuring traditional Irish music, songs and dances is coming to Sunnyside this month.

The event, called Sunnyside Trad Week, will feature performances by more than a dozen New York-based Irish musicians and will run from September 13-19.

Sunnyside Trad Week will consist of nightly sessions of traditional Irish music at the Courtyard Ale House, an Irish bar located at 40-18 Queens Blvd. The music sessions will start at 8 p.m. and last until closing.

The event is hosted by the Irish Musicians, Poets and Artists of Queens Inc. (IMPAQ.US), a non-profit group that promotes Irish arts and culture in Queens. The group is looking to bring Irish musicians together after a difficult 18 months where artists have seen their work dry up due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Brian Bannon, director of IMPAQ.US, said Sunnyside Trad Week will celebrate Irish culture and the group is looking to turn the gathering into an annual event.

“It will be a triumphant embrace of Irish music and will help connect the Irish diaspora living in Queens,” Bannon said.

A number of well-known Irish musicians will perform at the event, including Irish music / rock band The Diddley Idols, singer and musician Dave Fahy, acclaimed violinist Pat Mangan and decorated accordionist John Nolan.

Each weekday session will start at 8 p.m. The session will then open to the public around 11 p.m., where attendees will have the opportunity to sing or perform with the band, Bannon said.

The Diddley Idols, pictured, will be playing Sunnyside Trad Week (Photo provided by IMPAQ.US)

On the last day of the event, an outdoor Irish music session will take place at 5 p.m. at the Lowery Plaza, located at 40e Street and Queens Boulevard under the elevated 7 subway train. It will feature Irish musicians and dance performances by members of the McManus School of Irish Dance, an Irish dance school based in Long Island City.

The outdoor session will end around 6.30pm, and then a number of Irish musicians will perform at the Courtyard Ale House for the rest of the evening.

Entrance to the event is free. The full range is listed below:

September 13; Cillian Vallely, Dave Fahy, Pat Mangan and Sean Fhéile
September 14; Donie Ryan, Ivan Goff, Allen Gogarty, Dave Fahy
September 15; Cillian Vallely, Matt Mancuso, Donie Ryan, Allen Gogarty, Dave Fahy
September 16; Ivan Goff, Donie Ryan, Dave Fahy, Sean Fhéile
September 17; Ivan Goff, Katie Linnane, Dave Fahy, Danny Flinn, Sean Fhéile
September 18; Diddley’s Idols
September 19; Bernadette Fee, John Nolan, Ivan Goff, Donie Ryan, Dave Fahy, Sean Fhéile, McManus School of Irish Dance

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