2025 Edge Weston Port recaps Notre Dame shutdown


2025 Edge of the San Juan Hills (California) Weston Harbor‍ spent the week in the Midwest touring Michigan, Ohio and stopped by Notre Dame on Saturday.

Port looked forward to the trip to Notre Dame, and the staff made time for him despite the presence of several official visitors on campus.

“Seeing the campus and meeting all the coaches,” Port told ISD of one of the highlights of the visit. “All the coaches were super cool and it was a great experience overall.”

Defensive coordinator Al Golden and defensive line coach Al Washington were able to have conversations with the San Juan Hills star and Port remained impressed.

“They seemed very interested in me and excited to start the recruiting process with me,” Port said.

Notre Dame head football coach Marcus Freeman also made sure to hang out with the West Coast native.

“Coach Freeman is a really cool guy,” Port explained. “Super down to earth and easy to talk to. He is great.”

Port was also impressed with the Notre Dame campus as he admired the sights and learned about the university’s diverse traditions.

“The beauty of the campus and the story behind it was crazy,” Port said. “I didn’t expect it to be as cool as it was.”

As for the Midwest tour, Port had its eyes peeled for opportunities away from the West Coast.

“The Midwest is a special place when it comes to high-level football and colleges,” Port explained. “I can definitely imagine myself going out to play college ball there.”

And as for the return trip to South Bend, Port could be back this fall for a game.

“I would need to see how things go in terms of recruitment, but I would definitely consider coming back.”

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