2024 S Marquis Gallegos loves first look at Notre Dame


2024 Chaminade (California) security Marquis Gallegos‍ had high expectations ahead of last weekend’s visit to Notre Dame and they were exceeded as the four-star prospect left campus impressed with the Fighting Irish program.

“It was awesome,” Gallegos told ISD. “The hospitality and the love from the fans was awesome. It was nice to get a little taste of what a game day is like in South Bend. The culture and everything was nice.”

One of the 6-foot-1, 175-pound highlights lasted a few seconds as Gallegos was able to soak in the sights, but also had fans screaming at him as he raced down the Notre Dame Stadium tunnel.

“It was awesome,” Gallegos said. “I could only imagine how it looks completely packed on game day.”

That said, the main reason Gallegos traveled to South Bend was to meet and get to know the coaching staff better. Safety coach Chris O’Leary made sure to give the California native plenty of time as he broke a film during the trip.

“It was great to be with them all weekend and talk to them,” Gallegos said. “We started to bond.

“I had a meeting with my coach and O’Leary to talk football for a while. I thought it went really well.”

The reunion left a positive impression on Gallegos in many ways as O’Leary’s personality shone on and off the whiteboard.

“I think he’s a great coach,” Gallegos explained. “His coaching philosophy – I agree with everything he tries to teach and the way he approaches the game is the way everyone should. He’s a great person and he has a great energy.”

Gallegos got to see how Notre Dame used their safeties on film, which was important as the Irish defense was vanilla during the Blue-Gold Game.

“I thought it was good,” Gallegos said of the safeties in the spring game. “I saw the defense more in the meeting with coach O’Leary. They like to move them a lot and put them in different places. They put them in a position to play, which is good because that’s what I like to do.

“Being back and making plays on the ball is fun, but coming down and making tackles is part of the game. It’s good that they move them.”

And yes, Notre Dame recruiting director Chad Bowden also made Gallegos and his family feel welcome.

“I saw it a bit,” laughed Gallegos. “When I got there I was in a meeting with Coach O’Leary and Chad came down the hall screaming my name and stormed into the room. He’s a great guy.”

Gallegos also enjoyed learning about Notre Dame’s commitments and recruits in town. He had previous relationships with Peyton Lumber Yardand Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa‍, but the weekend allowed Gallegos to meet and get a feel for many other prospects who could end up at Notre Dame.

“I spent the whole weekend with them,” Gallegos said. “I only knew the guys from Cali. I got to meet a lot of commits and hang out. We all got along.”

Overall, Notre Dame has left a lasting impression and while Gallegos doesn’t know when he will return to South Bend, he knows he will return to campus.

“I will definitely be back,” Gallegos said. “I loved.”

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