2024 NJ DL Owen Wafle High on Notre Dame


Hun School (NJ) Defensive Lineman 2024 Owen Waffle‍ got an offer from Notre Dame last week and it was a big offer.

Wafle grew up watching Notre Dame and developed strong relationships with a few Irish staff.

“I’ve been in touch with Chad Bowden and Coach Washington,” Wafle told ISD. “Coach Bowden is awesome. I like him. He’s got a good energy about him. He’s a super cool guy.

“Coach Washington let me know he really wanted me to come out there and stuff like that. He also said he liked my style of play.”

The 6-foot-3, 250-pounder is an interesting prospect as he could end up as an inside lineman or stay on the outside due to his athleticism. Colleges have already made it known that his game has the flexibility to play in both positions and that will depend on how physically Wafle fills out.

“Most schools consider me an athlete because they don’t know how my body is going to shape up,” Wafle explained. “Right now some schools are saying inside, but a lot of schools think I can play on the edge.

“They think I have a versatile body with longer arms, but I’m small enough to get under bigger linemen.”

Wafle is learning both positions and thinks it just widens his game to get more opportunities to get on the court in college.

“It makes things a little easier, so I don’t have to focus on any particular position,” Wafle said. “I can train for several, which makes it easier for me because I want to learn as much as possible so that I can be even better.”

The New Jersey native also made the trip to South Bend in the fall. In fact, it was Wafle’s first college game, so naturally he was blown away by the surroundings inside Notre Dame Stadium.

“It was probably one of the coolest experiences,” Wafle said. “I had never really been to a varsity game before and this was my first. It was really cool to watch and listen to the crowd. They seat the rookies right in front of the student section. I don’t I didn’t know it, but they go up in the air when they score. It was kind of crazy because I had never seen that before.

Wafle takes his time with the recruiting process, but he also embraces it. The early attention caught him off guard and focused on building relationships, but more importantly, Wafle is doing everything he can to become a better player.

“Honestly, the first couple was a little weird because I didn’t know how to handle it. I’m just trying to keep a cool head. There’s a lot of things I want to accomplish before I go to college.”

As for the next step in his recruiting, Wafle plans to be at Notre Dame this weekend and could make the quick trip to Rutgers this spring.

“Rutgers has always been in touch through my coach asking me to come to basketball games or go on a tour,” Wafle said. “I think I might go to practice soon.”

247: N/A
Rivals: 5.8 (four stars)

Offers: Boston College, Kent State, UMass, Michigan, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Syracuse, VMI, and West Virginia

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