15 Irish music bands to watch in 2022


April 1st

Kildare MO artist April Lawlor: Dance, cry and kiss. One of many artists excelling in Phoebe Bridgers’ sad girl indie, Lawlor started out releasing bedroom tracks on Soundcloud in 2019.

She has since had songs played on BBC Radio One and, after signing with Atlantic Records, looks set for a big 12 months.

  • Key Track: The Impossible Task of Feeling Whole

2. Fat Piig

Born in Cork and raised in Kerry, Spanish-Irish artist Jess Smyth, aka Biig Piig, already has tens of millions of listens on Spotify, with his artful and sedating take on hip-hop and neo-soul for an irresistible mix.

She has previously toured the United States and performed with Glass Animals in the United Kingdom. Are albums so important in 2022? If Biig Piig manages to release one, expect it to be one of the records of the year.

3. Chameleon

Running with a Sampha-like sound, Matthew Harris is Chameleon.

He’s already helped produce with artists such as Malaki, Nealo and Gemma Bradley, but Harris’ debut single, “You Know”, featuring vocals from Berlin-based Lucy McWilliams (another to watch), was released at mid-2021, is a lo-fi stomper, brimming with summer vibes.

It’s good enough to have us salivating at what Chameleon might turn to next.


Already everyone’s favorite wannabe cowboy, the Dublin singer-songwriter CMAT’s songs will melt your heart as you scream to the lyrics.

There are shades of ABBA and Dolly in her handful of songs to date, and a connection to broken hearts.

Debut album If My Wife New I’d Be Dead is set to be released via AWAL Recordings on February 25 and, after supporting Declan McKenna on tour in the UK, she has the chops and the spirit to make a splash this year.

Also expected to be the most performed act on Irish radio. #

  • Key Track: No More Virgos

5. Cian Ducrot

The 22-year-old Liège/French singer-songwriter, producer and classical musician only released his debut EP Make Believe in December.

Riding a Dermot Kennedy sound and having signed to Darkroom/Interscope (his label mate: Billie Eilish), Ducrot is destined to conquer the airwaves in 2022 and play some really big shows around this time next year.

He says of the EP that it “only scratches the surface of what I would like to do with my music and my voice as an artist”. We believe it.

  • Key Track: Hello Gorgeous


Lindsey, 23, aka Kynsy, already has a colorful, bubblegum pop aesthetic all the way, delivering choruses with an added edge.

She’s only one EP away in her career, but Things That Don’t Exist is an exciting hint of what’s to come.

The only way is for the Dublin-based artist.

  • Key Track: Happiness is not a fixed state

7. Lucy Blue

The Dublin teenager makes music that will leave you with weak knees, the lively lyrics speaking straight to the heart.

Latest single “First Man on the Moon” is a wacky tale of nostalgia, with the chorus declaring, “I’m not homesick enough, just enough to never feel at home. »

Influenced by Frank Ocean, PJ Harvey and Joni Mitchell, she says she wants to be like Gwen Stefani during No Doubt.

Ska-pop has yet to penetrate her sound, but Lucy Blue has everything she needs for a successful 2022.

  • Key Track: First Man on the Moon

8. Lyndsey Lawlor

Between rap and poetry (so hot in 2022), 20-year-old Dublin artist Lyndsey Lawlor’s debut single, “Eat The Money,” was a response to the climate crisis.

Recent tracks have a less obvious anger running through them, but more of a frustration with modern life.

Lawlor’s lyrics are backed by dance vibes courtesy of Kildare producer Gary O’Reilly aka Mix & Fairbanks.

The debut album Dearest Philistine is out on January 12 and could be the first big release of the year.

  • Key Track: Love, Lust, Indifference and Hatred

9. Negro Impact

The duo Dundalk Negro Impacto is made up of singer Chi Chi and producer StrangeLove (Laurence Kapinga).

Their debut single “Lockdown Syndrome” arrived mid-summer and summed up much of our last 18 months or so: waste time and energy on things that don’t serve me.

A self-titled EP and a collection of edits soon followed and showed how the pair are full of ideas. Offering a fun pop/RnB vibe, expect Negro Impacto to have a big impact in 2022.

  • Key Trail: Mini Excursion

10. New Dad

There’s an early ’90s slacker vibe to Galway’s four-room NewDad.

Led by Julie Dawson, it’s dreamy indie you can believe in, with big choruses (“I Don’t Recognize You”) and familiar sentiments (“Ladybird” – “It’s half past three but you don’t think not to me, no that’s not how I thought it would be…”).

BBC 6 Music are huge fans, touring across the UK and playing the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris, building on one of 2021’s EPs, Waves.

NewDad already sold out a show at Whelan’s in April – it’s the hottest act in the country.

11. Pastiche

Jade Roche, 23, from Malahide, Dublin, makes hard-hitting pop music.

Loudly bearing the influence of Lady Gaga, 2021’s single “Heaven” sounds like it was made for the dancefloor.

She is already, understandably, a radio favorite in Ireland and the UK and says of the Irish scene: “…it always seemed to matter. There are very few truly successful Irish pop artists. The scene just wasn’t there – so we created it! Radio stations play Dua Lipa – so why not have Irish pop instead? I want to help break down this barrier.

She does just that!

12. Pretty Happy

From Nun Attax to Sultans of Ping, Cork has a tradition of offbeat indie music which continues with Pretty Happy.

The art-punk trio make music that shouldn’t work, but does, looking like it’s being held together with duct tape.

Including brother and sister Arann and Abbey Blake and Andy Killian, it looks like they’re having even more fun than the listener – even if they don’t know what they’re going to do next.

13. Sell

It’s impossible, when listening to ‘Dublin’ or ‘Oggy’, not to feel shivers of excitement at the height of Dublin rapper Sello’s ceiling.

He says he is looking to establish a new sound called “GaelicDrill” fusing Irish culture with Morden’s drill/hip-hop sound.

The likes of A92 are the model – Sello is ready to show his in 2022.

14. Shiv

Born in Zimbabwe before moving to Ireland at the age of 5, Shiv is a DJ-turned-songwriter, based in Dublin.

She does classic-sounding RnB, her debut EP The Love Interlude, a dreamy, quiet collection perfect for Sunday breaks (there’s even a sax solo on “Where You Are”).

But you get the feeling that Shiv has a lot more to offer, with a debut album expected in 2022.

15. 49th and main

You can imagine any of the tracks created by Patrick King and Ben O’Sullivan aka 49th & Main on any number of Spotify playlists – consider it positive (so catchy!) or negative (no real sound distinctive or own identity) as you see fit.

The Kilkenny duo make jazz-house tunes that could have a Disclosure-like impact; they look ready for festival season.

  • Key Track: Catching Eyes


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